Kings College American Football

Sponsor Name: Muhammad Ismail Kamdar

Location: London

Sector: American Football

Budget: Under 10k

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Kings College American Football are seeking sponsorship to support their team after being promoted to Division 1.


Kings College American Football – We are London’s biggest college American football team affiliated with King’s College London. Coming off of a championship season, we have been promoted to Division 1 of the South East BUCS Division. We are the reigning Champions of the BUCS South East Division II.


Target Audience

15-35 age group, highly active and social, athletes and students

Key Dates and Timings

We urge our sponsors to sign on for the entire season starting in September 2023 till May 2024. This includes at least 15 posts and and stories on our platform each of which will endorse our sponsors.

Specific Opportunity Details

We are seeking sponsors for our team, offering different packages which include coverage on our social media platforms which have engagement levels of more than 10k viewers each month and will be offering physical advertisement on Gamedays as well. . We partner with different sports media channels where our posts are shared with more than 20k viewers at each of these pages (sportankmedia, exsostreams, gridironsocial). We have a massive fan base that show up to our games, and our partnership with different societies at King's allows us to massive coverage across a student union consisting of 40000 students

Features and Benefits

We will be including endorsements on our social media posts including an official announcement and frequent advertisements for our sponsors. We have a team consisting of 70 players and coaching staff all of which will be endorsing our sponsors. We will include our sponsors in our newly launched match day interview series and podcasts along with sponsor logo advertisement on our posts. We will invite our sponsors to our match days to set up their own stalls for advertisements and will provide support in the form of logistics.

Other Partners

In the past we have partnered with Redbull, Under Armour and Aldi.


Our packages start from £1000 to £5000 and are open to negotiation for the range of promotion provided