Kingdom to Kingdom Green Rally

Sponsor Name: Khalid Dahbi

Location: London

Sector: Events, Motor Sport

Budget: Over 100k

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Kingdom to Kingdom is looking for sponsorship for their first green rally.


Kingdom to Kingdom is the first green rally of its kind with the unique objective of highlighting the importance of the use of green energy vehicles in our modern world. K2K was created with a combination of purpose and fun, amongst other values. This rally will start in London towards the finish line in the magical red city of Marrakech, Morocco. It is a great opportunity to promote your brand in the UK as well as in Morocco while advocating for use of electric vehicles for a greener future. Your company’s representatives will also receive tickets to the exclusive Grand Finale Gala, gathering well-known entrepreneurs and celebrities.


Target Audience

male and female, 25-60, entrepreneurs, CEOs, celebrities, car fanatics, motorsports, environmentalists, green energy activists

Key Dates and Timings

15th-20th of May 2023

Specific Opportunity Details

This is an opportunity to further cement your brand's position in the UK and discover a new market in Morocco.
Channels of promotion include Instagram, Facebook, e-mail, press, and TV as well as a promotion during the event.

Features and Benefits

The highest package includes:
Exclusive Title and Logo Rights
Social Media Promoting
High profile branding on the Main Stage
National and International exposure
High profile branding on the gala
Logo on official paperwork
Logo on the event’s website, advertisement
Logo badge on participant’s overalls
Logo on all cars’ screens and doors
Logo on winners podium
Start/Finish banners
VIP Passes catering and exclusive packages
Speech at the Opening and Finish
Two places for TogetherMorocco organized event
Tickets for Grand Finale Gala

Other Partners

Royal Air Maroc


packages available: £30k, £50k and £120k; other forms of sponsorship available in-kind