Kilimanjaro Climb with Dig Deep

Sponsor Name: Joshua Cook

Location: London

Sector: Charities

Budget: Under 10k

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Joshua Cook is seeking sponsorship to support him as he takes part in the Kilimanjaro Climb with Dig Deep adventure.


Kilimanjaro Climb with Dig Deep – I am a university student excited to undertake this adventure while raised money and awareness for clean water in and around Kenya. Not only will this give me life experience, that will be beneficial to any organisation I work with in the future, I will also be funding clean water for schools and communities in much needed areas. By sponsoring me I will be able to advertise your sponsorship on social media and wear your logos and/or clothing during the climb.


Target Audience

All people and age groups.

Key Dates and Timings

The climb commences on 21st August 2024 and will take 5 days to complete.

Specific Opportunity Details

This is my first time I have applied for anything like this. It is my first year in university and I have joined the motor sports society, which comes with a large membership group. Through my teenage year I attended Air Cadets, which has groups across the whole of the country that I have access to on portal. I have both Facebook and Instagram accounts,

Features and Benefits

Promotional opportunities of your company.


Total target is £2995, any amount of cash invested up that total is being sort.