Khier Racing

Sponsor Name: Sophie Bolter

Location: Wales

Sector: Education

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Khier Racing is an all female F1 in schools team and they are looking for sponsorship to support them throughout the competitions.


Hello, Khier Racing is a corporate identity (under F1 in Schools) set up by three sixth form students in Swansea, South Wales. We are an all female team looking for a sponsor for us to progress in the F1 in Schools competitions (regional, national and hopefully, world finals). F1 in Schools is a competition set up for 11-19 year olds to develop their education in STEM subjects through a common interest, Formula One. In order for us to develop our brand, we will need additional funding from sponsors who we will provide advertising for throughout our journey through the competition.

This will be an excellent opportunity for any small, local businesses to publicise/advertise their brand through us and our social medias. However, we are also looking for larger main scale businesses to reach out! We would love to grasp this opportunity provided to us through our school as all three of us are looking to attend top universities in engineering and design in the near future – your sponsorship could help make this happen!

Thank you very much for your time!

Khier Racing


Target Audience

Our brand mostly receives attention from teens to adults.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship will begin asap and will last until we disband our team, Khier Racing.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our social media is low on numbers currently but will grow with exposure at the regional finals. We will also be holding a Formula One event which will up our exposure within the coming month.

You will have advertising rights to a car decal, a place on our trade stand, a decal on our uniforms etc. - this is negotiable!

You will be fulfilling a business requirement for funding an educational programme! It will do your business wonders!

Features and Benefits

- Decals on team uniform, the car, the trade stand etc.
- Social media advertisement through the website and social medias.
- Invitation to the F1 in Schools regional, national and world finals.
- Opportunity to conduct market research through our brand via sampling (example) at our trade stands.

Other Partners



Investment of up to £5,000