Khian Mility – 100m, 200m & 400m Sprint

Sponsor Name: Khian Mility

Location: Midlands

Sector: Track

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Khian Mility is seeking sponsorship as he prepares to make the track teams for the European & Common Wealth Championships in 2026.


Khian Mility – I’m currently training for the European & Common Wealth Championships in 2026 to make the 100m, 200m and 4x100m teams. Sponsorship would honestly and truly provide support for me to achieve these big goals because it would allow me to keep the team I have with me to make these global championship teams. I train 12x per week – 6 days a week and self-fund all my track career expenses.


Target Audience

Track & Field appeals to a wide variety of ages, track & field itself targets a younger audience between ages 15-35 as the marketing material, promo they use in the sport is wired towards bringing in that market and families as that increases TV viewership for events and higher ticket sales for track meets.

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorship will be bi-annually to cover the costs of my training, travel and the specialists I work with.

Features and Benefits

Each race I attend, whether televised or not, I'll have your company logo printed on my track gear for the audience and other athletes to see each time I attend a race that's exposure to potential new markets the business hasn't tapped into yet - while having the social proof, liking/loving tendency, influence from mere association tendency all working simultaneously in this type of marketing and promotion from association with each other.

Neuro-Marketing/Advertising Plans:
I'll look over your current marketing material and analyse how you can pull more sales in through your sales funnels by using certain marketing techniques and psychological triggers to elect certain emotions in your audience so they're more likely to consistently buy while also building a connection with your company and giving it a heart. I'll give suggestions, help craft promotional material for giveaways and competition and help you build a monthly marketing plan template you can use for the year and beyond. All you'll need to do is change certain areas and information to make it work for you once I'm not around. I'll also help you build a Facebook Media Plan which you can use for as long as you have it once we have elements already in place.

Specsavers Discounts:
I can negotiate getting you discount/vouchers in UK Specsavers stores on glasses, contact lenses or eye tests for your business.

Track Meet Tickets:
I can get you tickets for Diamond League events that happen throughout the season - these are premium top tier track meets. This is track & fields premiere league and I'll be able to get you tickets to events in different countries and the UK if you wish to attend an event.

Other Partners



£9,090.00 cash investment/invoice to support my training costs.

Other Info

Sponsorship would help me make the Commonwealth and European Championships teams, your support and backing will greatly aid in this happening.