Just Pedaling 4 Cancer

Sponsor Name: Magdalena Cullen

Location: Europe

Sector: Cycling

Budget: Under 10k

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“Just Pedaling 4 Cancer” is being carried for charity and they are looking for sponsorship to help fund the expenses.


Just Pedaling 4 Cancer – Magdalena Cullen is going to be cycling from Czech Republic to England during June 2023 on behalf of Brain Tumour Research.


Target Audience

Spreading brain tumour awareness amongst general population.

Key Dates and Timings

June 2023

Specific Opportunity Details

I will be cycling from the village I was born in (Ratiskovice, Czech Republic) to where I currently live (Boston, England) during June 2023 on behalf of Brain Tumour Research. Childhood ambition and after my son was diagnosed with brain cancer no better time to do it. I am looking for a sponsor to help with the technical costs of my challenge. All expenses will be accounted for.

Features and Benefits

Mentioned in all printed materials/ online posts during the challenge and after while raising money for Brain Tumour Research.

Other Partners



£1000-£1500 to cover expenses while undertaking the challenge (accommodation, food)

Other Info

I am doing this challenge mainly for my son, Joshua Patrick Cullen, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2020. Given 12-18 at diagnosis, he is thriving over 27 months later.