Josh Lewis

Sponsor Name: Matt Lewis

Location: Worcestershire

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Josh Lewis is looking for sponsorship to support his racing passion as he prepares for 2024.


Josh Lewis – I’m 12 years old and have just started my competitive karting journey. I have raced 2023 season with club 100 but am looking at possible racing Electric karts for 2024 season as they are the future – they also offer STEM learning alongside and so this will assist me with school too. I really enjoy motorsport , I love F1 and am a big supporter of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton.


Target Audience

My event ranges from a young age all the way to old age as it’s an exciting and action packed sport! With a lot of people involved.

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorship can start as soon as possible to help fund the 2024 season and can be discussed between ourselves as to the length of sponsorship.

Specific Opportunity Details

I have a brand new you tube channel which has a handful of subscribers and a growing audience , I have only put a couple of practices & races on it for now but will be filming all my races going forward.
I'm also starting a tiktok channel and will have a Facebook page.

Any sponsor will get a mention & a tag accross all my social platforms as well as on any videos taken.

Any sponsor will have their company logo put on the side of the van we use to travel to racing as well as on my suit and helmet.

Some of the races are also live streamed by the venue and therefore greater opportunity to reach a bigger audience.

I will be racing all over the UK so your logo will me seen far and wide.

Features and Benefits

As a sponsor, your company name & or logo can be printed onto my suit my helmet and on out van. I can also offer brand exposure and promotion on my youtube page, tiktok and other socials.

You are more than welcome to watch any of my races if you wish to and please feel free to ask any questions

Other Partners

I haven't had any sponsors yet as I am relatively new to competitive racing. My 2023 season was funded by my parents - the Electric karts are slightly pricier but a large percentage will be funded by my parents for the 2024 season.


I am looking for around £2000 (whether that comes from one sponsor or two) to help fundthe 2024 season.

Other Info

Passionate about racing, 12 years old.
Looking to expand my knowledge and my learning.