Jordan Withers – Boxer

Sponsor Name: Sylvester Dash

Location: Wales

Sector: Boxing

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Jordan is one of the best Super middleweight talents out there. By being involved you will get alot of eye’s on your business.

Target Audience

18 to 60 boxing has a massive audience range

Key Dates and Timings

The 1st Event is 20th April so sponsorship by the 1st week in April would be great. The 2nd event is the 25th May.

Specific Opportunity Details

This opportunity is to sponsor an up and coming boxer. Who will be fighting on 20th April, 25th May in Denmark and July 6th at The O2 indigo. Some of these events will be televised but also uploaded to Nielsen boxing YouTube channel. Professional pictures on the night will give sponsor's a highlight in the social media world as friends, family, fans and other connections repost. Great opportunity to get coverage to a wide audience. Newpaper pictures showing logos. YouTube and TV viewings.

Features and Benefits

I have attached a PDF but things like
Logo on shorts and top, free tickets to event or could be used as a giveaway by your business ro entice potential customers. Social media coverage.

Other Partners

M&P Constructions and CBD company Newport.


Cash investment would be great as it allows Jordan to just focus on his craft. But relevant products would be useful as well

Other Info

Building an early relationship will be kept in mind as Jordan grows his career and anyone that's in from this stage will be rewarded and given first options in the future.