Jessie-Lee Jessopp Kickboxer

Sponsor Name: Michelle Wilson

Location: UK National

Sector: MMA

Budget: Under 10k

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Jessie-Lee Jessopp is 11 years old and has been kick boxing for 5 years with Joe Hallet at infinity martial arts Yeovil. She is Wuma 3 x British champion, Wuma European champion 2019,Wuma 2 x Bronze Medalist at Worcester world championships 2018,Watford national open champion 2019, Night of champions champ 2017  Wales and Iska silver & bronze medalist at the world championships in Ireland 2019

I am a single parent and on minimum wage at work so as you can imagine with all her training and travelling all round the country and sometimes out of county it isn’t cheap and I am struggling, although we do have a few local sponsors who we are very grateful for  any help would be so much appreciated and take a big weight off my shoulders… for 11 years old she has achieved so much for our country and would like to continue to be able to finance her training and competing



As you can imagine we travel up and down the country which costs thousands over years with travelling expenses, paying for her categories at competitions, new kit and she trains 3 days a week which I pay £7.50 each time.