JB Kart Racing

Sponsor Name: Joel Bowden

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

JB Kart Racing are a small business who are looking for sponsorship to support them as they expand.


JB Kart Racing – We offer karting accessories nationally and world wide to provide performance on and off the track! We are a small business who is looking for some extra support to expand and be able to sell a larger volume of products. We travel around the uk, to races with over 200 participants who will see our advertisement and your sponsor!


Target Audience

15-70 those who use social media and kart regularly

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorship can be supported during the racing season or all year round.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have nearly 100 followers on Facebook and a big fan base around the karting community. As well as, a well known base on eBay!

Features and Benefits

They would get announcements on posts over Facebook and instagram. Stickers on the kart graphics and suit so people at the track can see.

Other Partners



Around 200-400 a month in cash