Jared Hill

Sponsor Name: Abi (Mum) Hill

Location: Global

Sector: Sports

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

Jared Hill is looking for sponsorship to support his passion as a BMX Racer


Jared Hill is a 14 year old Bmx racer who holds the National and British Champion title and World No 4 in 2022. He is also on the British Cycling NSR program which is not funded. Jared has a big passion for Bmx and he has big ambitions to compete in the Olympics in 2028. Jared has a great training ethic to progress his aspiration and he is working hard towards achieving his goals.


Target Audience

Bmx racing appeals to all ages 5 to 65. Jared has 1,459 followers on Instagram.

Key Dates and Timings

There are personal coaches ready available for Jared to sign up to at a cost. He is already highly motivated but a personal coach would give them extra insight and structure. The European championships are 6-9th July, worlds are 3rd to 10th August and the European Cup series is 1st to 3rd September.

Specific Opportunity Details

Jared has the opportunity to go to the final rounds of the European Cup Series in Portugal, European Championships in France and World Championships in Glasgow for 2023. He also has the opportunity to work with a personal coach to help him achieve his goals.

Features and Benefits

Similar to his bike sponsors, Jared would mention his personal sponsors on all social media posts and stories.

Other Partners

Jared is sponsored by Pure Bicycles with several co-sponsors involved such as Izumi, Tioga, Box Components, HT, Nextbase,, CXP, Zulu, Fist and B73 Tees.


Jared is in need of cash investment to fund his Olympic journey. Ideally anything from £5K upwards would a great benefit to him. Any merchandise sponsorship would also be gratefully received.

Other Info

From October Jared will travel to Manchester to the British Cycling centre usually twice a month which is a financial burden on the family but important nonetheless.
Jared is a really lovely young man, has a mature attitude beyond his years, very likeable and popular and he is very driven to succeed.