Jamie Davis – Motorsport

Sponsor Name: Jamie Davis

Location: Europe

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: 50k - 100k

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Jamie Davis is looking for sponsorship to help fund his motorsport as he heads into the European Superbike Championship


My name is Jamie Davis and I am 18 years old who takes part in motorsport. I have been racing motorbikes since I was 4 years old; starting on the mini moto bikes which progressed to the geared bikes and I have won 3 British Championships by the age of 9. At the age of 10, I took the chance and transferred to the Spanish Championships which demonstrated my quest to succeed as well as proving myself and my skills. As you can imagine, I was racing against those who lived in Spain so the other riders had much greater access to track time practice and were also much older/more experienced than myself. In 2022, I was the youngest ever person to compete in the Moto 2 Junior World Championships and this year I am competing in the European Superbike Championship on the Yamaha R1 which is also a much bigger and more powerful bike.

As you can imagine, motorsport is not easy to fund without the support and sponsorship of others. I have some amazing support behind me who have seen my potential in the sport such as Danny Webb and James Toseland. To each my full potential and achieve my dream of being a racer in MotoGP professionally, I am looking for sponsorship of anyone/company who is able to support me on my journey. As a result of any sponsors I will be happy to put any logos promoting yourself or business on my bike for the up and coming year.

Lastly, thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide and i look forward to hearing from you if you are able to support in any way.


Target Audience

Male/female/kids all ages!! Highly social and televised all over the world.

Key Dates and Timings

So my season begins in March all the way through the year to October. I have got training weekends between all my races too.

Specific Opportunity Details

Firstly, being on the European Superbike scene is huge benefit to anyone. If I was lucky enough to get any sponsorship, no matter how big or how small, every penny would help and I can put any logos on my bike and/or helmet. I have an Instagram page with just over 460 followers and growing currently. I had an old account with over 11000 followers but was unfortunately hacked.

Features and Benefits

I would be able to provide branding stickers on my bike/helmet/leathers, free weekend entry tickets.

Other Partners

I currently have SJM 360 group, Michael Laverty/Vision track, James Toseland and Danny Webb.


Any amount big or small would greatly help me to fulfil my dream to becoming a MotoGP racer. To give someone a rough idea, a season costs around £60,000 all the way down to the cost of a helmet for example which can cost around £1000.