James Morris

Sponsor Name: James Morris

Location: North West

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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James Morris is looking for sponsorship as he plans to make his debut season in a competitive motorcycle racing series.


James Morris – I am an Autistic motorcycle racer whom is looking to make my debut season in one of the most prestigious and competitive motorcycle racing series’ in the world. This is with a view to progress and achieve my lifetime dream of wildcarding in moto2 in Moto GP. After some lengthy discussions I have been offered a seat on a factory Nykos racing Moto2 with the owner of Nykos; to compete in the GP2 (Moto2) Championship. alongside an ex Moto GP RedBull rookies rider.

I began racing in 2017 aboard a Triumph Daytona 675 that I converted to race myself. Finding my feet, I quickly adapted and progressed managing to take 2nd in the championship in my rookie year and a top 5 finish in the open class racing against 1000cc bikes also.

After 3 seasons of racing I’ve had one incident that was an issue relating to the bike and not rider error which shows I’m a calculated risk taker when it comes to my racing and that I get the job done safely as well as running at the front. I have taken home many trophies and I truly believe I have what it takes to achieve my goal of racing as a wildcard rider in a Moto2 event on the world stage at Moto GP. I have gone from strength to strength; consistently improving every single time out on the bikes, taking aboard and giving feedback to make adjustments, listening to advice and ensuring my lifestyle revolves around attaining my racing goals.

Last year I tested for a junior superstock team to wildcard in BSB and every test was consistent to be in the mix at a race event. I did not manage to ride for the second half of the season as after an incident earlier in the season my personal bike was beyond repair.

I to date have a steady social media following of 3500 on Instagram that will certainly grow when I begin to ride in BSB (especially as it is broadcast on Eurosport, Discovery and Quest). My average reach on a story alone on Instagram including shares made by my followers is 40,000; Meaning that a business or an individual wishing to get some extra reach would be able to do so very effectively with consistent viewing as the audience is already there and growing. The world stage had 378 million interactions across the teams and riders platforms last year alone which shows its a huge pool of target audience especially for a business to advertise.

About the team.
Nykos are well established in the world paddocks of Moto GP and CEV European Moto2 Championships, having taken top spots in both. 20+ years experience in the world paddocks means that i have the absolute best team behind me in an effort to take the championship on and a wealth of experience and knowledge to guide me and help me achieve the best results possible. They currently run two Moto 2 bikes which are very different from a production road bike that has been converted to race. powered by a 600cc Honda engine it has adjustable geometry parts and are very unique in build. The team is exceptionally professional with team wear worn by all members at all times with sponsor logos etc visible.

Now I am progressing onto the elite championships, I am no longer able to fund the entirety of costs incurred with racing at this level. and I truly believe that working with individuals or businesses to achieve common goals will help achieve my own. Be it as an ambassador, advertisement, experience days, meet and greets or corporate events with the motorcycles on display; there is a plethora of avenues in which I could assist a business or individual in return of financial assistance for any coverage of racing costs. I can also offer more personalised involvement with having a merchandising contractor who makes our teamwear, advertising on bikes and pitboards etc.


Target Audience

Motorsports enthusiasts of all ages and genders.

Key Dates and Timings

There are 3 official season tests that will take place.
25th/26th March: Donington Park GP
28th/29th March: Silverstone National
12th/13th April: Oulton Park

The race season consists of practice day, qualifying, race day 1 and race day 2. There are 11 events across this season and are as follows.
7th-9th April: Silverstone National
29th Apr-1st May; Oulton Park
19th-21st May: Donington Park national
16th-18th June: Knockhill
7th-9th July: Snetterton
21st-23rd July: Brands Hatch GP
11th-13th August: Thruxton
26th-28th August: Cadwell Park
15th-17th September: Oulton Park
29th Sept-1st October: Donington Park GP
13th-15th October: Brands Hatch GP

Specific Opportunity Details

Opportunity to sponsor myself to compete on a factory Moto2 in the BSB GP2 championship.
Fan Base is 3500 and growing ( Instagram is @Blacks_racing96 ).

Returns on Investment:
Merchandise: Clothing, Posters, Photos, Hats
Advertising: Instagram, Stickers on bike, helmet, pitboards, posters, national television coverage,
Experiences: Come down to the circuit for a race event and see your sponsorship and involvement propelling me to the front of the grid. Tickets can be provided for you and a couple of friends to enjoy watching the racing, see the bike up close, meet everyone and get involved in the day.

There is also the additional factor that Nykos being a chassis and full bike manufacturer they have a huge reputation and mine will grow simply by debuting and riding with the team.

Features and Benefits

Be involved in one of the most exciting and competitive racings series in the world.

Attend events across the UK and see how your help translates to the track.

Advertise on a growing platform with huge reach potentials and opportunities to get your company out there.

Signed Photos, inclusion on posters, inclusion on team wear, on the bike and helmet and leathers all available.

Id be available for corporate events to maybe look to bring the bike down etc, photoshoots for socials etc.

Other Partners

HEL Performance
OLFI Camera


My total season costs are £30,000. I can provide a breakdown to then look at what you would like to assist with.

Other Info

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and without the kind help of friends and family supporting my dream, I wouldn't be where I am today in the sport. I am a professional man and really believe that if someone has the faith to put into my dream; I can achieve becoming a national if not world champion.

I work extremely hard to focus and achieve my gaols. I train in the gym multiple times a week, use motorcycle racing simulators to stay sharp especially in the off season, meticulously plan my goals, and practice mindset techniques to be really fast and consistent on the track.