James Croxton

Sponsor Name: James Croxton

Location: North East

Sector: Sports

Budget: Budget Varies

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I am a Professional 8 Ball pool player currently on the lookout for a partnership opportunity to pursue my dreams, as pool is now one of the fastest growing sports, Worldwide.

I recently left my job to focus on the game, full time, and with my upcoming trip to China for the Heyball Masters(last years final watched by over 100 million people) and the introduction of TNT Sports to 4 of our domestic events and plans for me to play in the USA this year,  there has never been a better time to be involved with the sport.

Last year, Ultimate Pool got over 1.2 billon views on their social media channels, with some of my own videos reaching over a million, and peaking at 5 million views.

Would you be open to the opportunity to assist me with this dream, in return, your brand will be advertised on all of my own Social Media, my playing attire(Worldwide) and of course I am open to offering my services between competition play to enhance growth?

If so, then I would really like to meet to discuss. Please let me know if a further discussion is of interest. I have attached some images of my playing just to give you a small glimpse of pool itself.


James ‘The Joker’ Croxton

Key Dates and Timings

I am about to fil out to China to compete in the Heyball Masters (last years final watched by over 100 million) but my main events are currently UK based, and we have guaranteed events on TNT Sport and of course on all of the Ultimate Pool social media as well as my own.

Features and Benefits

Your logo would be on all of my playing attire(Worldwide) for the season as well as shares on all of my personal social media platforms.

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Open to offers