Jamaica RAN Tour

Sponsor Name: Michelle Adam

Location: Yorkshire

Sector: Rugby Union

Budget: Under 10k

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Michelle Adam is looking for sponsorship after being selected to play in the Jamaica RAN Tour.


Jamaica RAN Tour – I have been playing rugby for many years, love the game and all that it stands for. I am part of a brand new initiative to bring rugby to the forefront of Jamaica. I have been selected to play in the RAN tournament in Jamaica in July 2023 representing Jamaica, and then to travel around Jamaica being an ambassador for the sport and raising the profile of the game in Jamaica. It us an opportunity to be on the ground level of an amazing adventure.


Target Audience

Anyone interested in the growth of rugby union, particularly for women and young girls.

Key Dates and Timings

July 6th 2023 - July 18th 2023

Specific Opportunity Details

Opportunity to represent Jamaica at the RAN tournament and promote women's rugby to women and young girls in Jamaica.

Features and Benefits

Branding displayed on media posts. Your name will be at the forefront of all of my posts for rugby, both locally for my club, Sandal Warriors, and also when posting for Jamaica. This would be through my personal social media accounts, as well as through Jamaica Uk rugby sites.


£2000, to pay to get to the tournament and for kit.