Jaly Festival Group UK

Sponsor Name: Lauren Curtis

Location: UK National

Sector: Events

Budget: Budget Varies

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Jaly Festival Group UK are seeking sponsorship as they collaborate with various brands throughout their UK summer tour.


We are Jaly Group UK and we are looking at different ways to collaborate with other brands and businesses throughout our UK Tour this summer. We have a lot of opportunity for brands to take over the festivals via activation & sponsorship. We have 3 different festivals running on each weekend per site this year. We are debuting our new Funk & Soul festival on the Friday of each weekend, our sell out Save the Rave Festival on the Saturday & our Lookalike family fun festival to finish the weekend off on the Sunday. We are covering 12 sites in the UK scoping from Perth, Scotland down to Cornwall. We are on track to sell out each weekend totalling to 200,000 tickets.


Target Audience

Demographically our target audience is predominantly in the age bracket of 30-60s with and average of 66% female 34% male. Being Highly social and musically cultured attendees. Our unique selling point is providing the full festival experience without having to pay the extensive costs.

Key Dates and Timings

Perth, Scotland 24th-26th May
Southport 7th-9th May
Anglesey 28th-30th June
Middlesborough 12th-14th July
Carlisle 19th-21st July
Norwich 2nd-4th August
Southampton 9th-11th August
Newark 16th-18th August
Hastings 23rd-25th August
Cornwall 30th-1st September
Chepstow 6th-8th September

Specific Opportunity Details

This summer we are Touring our biggest 3 brand festivals in over 11 cities in the UK over 32 days, reaching a capacity of 200,000 festival goers. We have bespoke sponsorship opportunities as well as our National Head line Sponsor, Main Stage Sponsor, Vip & Big Top Arena, merchandise and social media collaboration opportunities up for grabs. Our expanding growth is exceeding our expectations and we would love to partner with brands to come on this journey with us. This year alone, we have grown our festival sites by +366% and our ticket sales by +515%. We are on track to reach our aim of being the biggest independent festival group in the UK and taking our festivals to the USA by 2025.

Features and Benefits

We have unlimited branding and advertising space at each of our sites. Whether that be hosting your own stage (main stage or Big Top Arena) or owning the full national tour this summer. We have 2 XL digital screens either side of the main stage as well as Banner spaces above the stage itself, VIP area, Big Top, entry & exit points,. We have Activation opportunities within the main area. We are open to all opportunities and ideas as each site is different we are able to provide full site maps of how we can maximize your Brand. Hospitality Vip packages will be included for your team and potential future sponsors.

Other Partners

We have had some exciting conversations with big global brands, however we are yet to confirm.


Negotiable on sponsorship opportunities & activation chosen

Other Info

Our Sponsorship and activation opportunities are not limited.
National Headline Sponsor, Being our lead partner in our National UK Festival Tour, gaining maximum exposure on all festival sites over 11 Cities & 32 days reaching a capacity of 200,000 attendees.

Main Stage Sponsor, 30,000 attendees per site, Maximising your brand front and centre on the main stage owning the highlight of the weekend in 1 of our 11 sites of your choice in our summer tour! Upon request main stage opportunities for multiple sites are available.

Bit Top Arena Sponsor, Intimately connect your brand with festival goers in our iconic yet intimate crowd of 4000 per site in our Big Top Arena. Upon request Big Tip stage opportunities for multiple sites are available.

VIP Sponsor, Luxury VIP with premium facilities elevating the festival experience and connecting your brand with our VIP attendees. Upon request VIP opportunities for multiple sites are available.

Digital Sponsor, put your brand infant of 8 million people With our platform, you’ll have the chance to align your brand with relevant content, reach targeted demographics, and maximise your visibility in the digital space.

Merchandise sponsor Collaborate with our national tour with exclusive festival merchandise.