Jake Wall Boxer

Sponsor Name: Jake Wall

Location: Essex

Sector: Boxing

Budget: Under 10k

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Jake Wall Boxer – Sponsorship Opportunities


I have been at raging bull for a while now I had my first fight last November and I won I have got a disability called mild cerebral palsy and autism I’ve been doing boxing since 9 years old I did used to amateur boxing but I stopped that to do white collar boxing for charity raging bull have looked after me great club to be at and I get along with everyone who’s at the club

I would like clothing with sponsorship logo on and help sponsor my club shows when we have one next

Target Audience

Appeals to people who are interested in boxing and fitness and who would like come a fight for the club also for men and women aged 15 to 50 it’s highly social have a joke with one another also want to get people with disabilities to take up boxing for there health and well-being

Key Dates and Timings

The date of my next fight is the 19th September also whenever I fight after that and the sponsorship will be required for 2 years

Specific Opportunity Details

my social media numbers are 1,522 followers on Instagram and Twitter 185 following and 39 followers

Features and Benefits

Branding , promotional opportunities , product sampling