Jake Kelly – Professional Boxer

Sponsor Name: Jake Kelly

Location: North West

Sector: Boxing, Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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Professional boxer Jake Kelly seeks sponsorship for on going support and help with equipment



Jake Kelly is a local Stockport Lad that worked hard and turned his dream to a reality in becoming a Professional Boxer. Trained at the renowned Boxing Gym – Jimmy Egans Boxing Academy, I only ever strive for perfection and this to date has been achieved with an undefeated fight record of 4 wins one by KO and looking for the fifth win and many more after that,

To move further forward and make this my main career, I am looking for further sponsors so that I can dedicate all my time to the sport that I love and live for.

With the help of sponsors in the industry, my goal is to be an undefeated Champion and strive to ensure that any sponsor or investment in my career is just as regarding for not only myself but those that have helped me to achieve my life long ambition,

Target Audience

Any keen Businesses that are will to support me on my boxing journey

Key Dates and Timings

Scheduled for a minimum of 6 fights per year with training camps through the year to maintain fitness and conditioning

Specific Opportunity Details

Tickets given to sponsors to attend all fights - advertisement on both fight night shirts and shorts - required to purchase a further minimum amount of tickets per fight.

Features and Benefits

Advertisement for the company, VIP Tickets for each event - dedication to training and winning


Monthly investments so that I am able to move forward in my career ticket sales and equpment that is needed

Other Info

Any help would be appreciated - whether it is promoting additional ticket sales, training gloves and boots, really anything that could be offered would help