Jacob Rattray

Sponsor Name: Jacob Rattray

Location: West Yorkshire

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

My name is Jacob Rattray. I started karting in 2017 at age 8, in 2022 I did Teamsport BIKC at the age of 13. I reached the regionals in the championship. At the beginning of 2023 I got a kart and still does privateer karting to this day. In 2024 I am looking to join the British kart championship and ultimate kart championship but need help with travelling costs and costs to stay in the championship

Target Audience

Target audience is anyone at any age or gender. Will ideally want someone who likes motorsport or wants to get involved in it

Key Dates and Timings

Round 1 at PFI at 19-21 April
Round 2 at larkhall at 17-19 may
Round 3 at warden law at 28-30 June
Round 4 at kimbolton at 9-11 August
Round 5 at Wilton mill at 6-8 September

Features and Benefits

Would advertise your company name across all social media platforms and your company name will be on British kart championship which has a global audience of 10,000,000 people

Other Partners

No other partners yet


10k-15k cash investment