Ironman World Championships

Sponsor Name: Jenni Done

Location: UK National

Sector: Womens Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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Jenni Done is looking for sponsorship to support her as she aims to complete the Ironman World Championships.


I am aiming to become one of the first, full time working mum, non-professional athlete’s in the UK to complete the both the Kona and Nice Ironman World Championships. I am aiming to raise awareness of how sport can support mental health needs and post natal depression. I completed Kona last year and have just had my place confirmed for this years World championships in Nice. I have recently been filmed by Hoka and Ironman to share my story and am looking for a sponsor who can help me to complete this journey and raise as much awareness of mental health needs as possible. As a sponsor I would be happy to promote you globally in the build up and during the event as well as work with you to meet your companies needs. Sponsors branding can be worn throughout filming of the event to promote you further on a global scale.


Target Audience

This appeals to everyone! Mental health difficulties can impact everyone. But also this would appeal to working mums and dads, those who have experienced postnatal depression, and those interested in triathlon and sport at any age.

Key Dates and Timings

Ironman World Championships 22/9/24
Funding would be needed by 31/8/24

Specific Opportunity Details

I will be taking part in the Ironman World Championships in Nice, completing 2.4 miles swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run. Last year I was invited by the Ironman Foundation to take part in the Kona World Championships as part of 30 women to Kona- aiming to raise awareness of mental health, inclusion and diversity. My journey was filmed by Hoka and Ironman with the film being shared on all of their social media channels and YouTube. I have been invited by the Foundation this year to become the first, non-professional, full time, working mum to try and complete both Kona and this years championships in Nice. Hoka and Ironman are hoping to continue to film my journey and it will be shared also through the Ironman Foundations social media as well as my own social media (Instagram: @iron_woman_triathlon). As a partner you will be highlighting how important supporting mental health and raising awareness of how sport can benefit everyone. I'm trying to highlight how you don't have to be a professional to complete amazing things and that even short walks, runs with a buggy etc. can really help mental health needs. I'd be eager to work with you to see how this can benefit both of us!

Features and Benefits

As part of this I would be able to offer joint promotion of the sponsor on a global scale. Branding can be worn during the build up to the event, filming, during the event itself.
I would also be eager to offer joint promotion (e.g. social media posts) to promote you. Other opportunities could include me speaking at any of your events etc. I am open to making this work for both of us.

Other Partners

Hoka and Ironman have previously filmed me and are currently in discussion to film further media but this has not been confirmed and I am open to all support.
This opportunity has been provided through the Ironman Foundation.


£3000 cash investment

Other Info

This opportunity aims to raise awareness of mental health, inclusion and diversity which effects everyone. I'm willing to work with companies to ensure this works for both of us.