International Online Dance Competition

Sponsor Name: Hillary Sukhonos

Location: UK National

Sector: Arts

Budget: Under 10k

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International Online Dance Competition have an amazing opportunity for sponsorship.


International Online Dance Competition – 3 month digital event ideal for digital businesses and retailers in tech, dance, and entertainment education markets. Our online audience is emotionally invested in our event; sponsors are seen as heros which support students, young people, artists, and the arts. Our audience are eager buyers and loyal to brands. Repeat event attendees and page views increase your brand exposure per page visit.

What makes the IODC special ? A dancer from anywhere in the UK can compete with each other without leaving their home. The world stage is available from the comfort of their own home in the UK. Furthermore, a dancer unable to travel can dance alongside world class dancers and receive education from world class teachers, coaches, dance company directors and casting directors. The exposure to world class professional level elevates the dancer and progresses their career.

Your sponsorship is a sponsorship of opportunity for young aspiring dancers reaching for the worlds stage.


Target Audience

- Dancers ages 8- 24
- Choreographers ages 18 - 45
- Dance Studio Owners ages 25 - 65
- Artistic Directors and Heads of Art Organizations
- Families and friends of dancers and studio owners

Key Dates and Timings

- Pre-event begins April 2023, attracting 3 million viewers
- Event begins May 7, 2023 and attracts up to 80,000 visitors to the site
- Event Ends late July, 2023 and prizes and awards are sent to winners - with your brand name on them
- Post-event YouTube "Dancer Series" videos with your brand sponsorship are published

Specific Opportunity Details

The IODC attracts 85,000 unique users during the competition and 3.5 million eyes in pre-event marketing. Online events aren't just a webpage - it is a place of action, emotion, and adrenaline for visitors as they watch their dance performance gain viewers and votes to win the competition.

A sponsorship for a UK brand will give them great exposure within the UK, Europe, and North America.
Approximately 13% Generation Z, 40% Millennials, 20% Generation X and 27% Baby Boomer Generation
The UK is in the TOP five countries visiting the IODC during the online event.

Features and Benefits

Presenting Sponsor Value:
- Pre-event marketing inclusion (3 million views) on mailing list, social media, and website
- Large Logo on Main Page
- Prize Package Inclusion
- Brand Logo on Winners Certificate
- Brand Logo on Dancer Story Video (YouTube)
- 3 Month Footprint
- Additional plug or link to Podcast or Channel
- 1 Social Media Square Post

Partnership Sponsor Value:
- Partial Pre-event marketing inclusion on Social Media, Email, and Advertising
- Medium Size Logo on Main Page, middle
- Additional link to podcast or channel
- Inclusion in Prize Page (if applicable)
- 1 Social Media Square Post
- 3 month footprint online during the event

Category Sponsor Value:
- 1 Email Blast inclusion
- Medium Size Logo on Event Category Page (Ballet, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, etc)
- 1 Social Media Story dedication
- Prize Package Inclusion (if applicable)
- 3 month foot print online during the event

Other Partners

Our UK partners are One Dance UK, Immediate Live, I-Path UK, and TIRED Movement.
Our Australian partners are Dance Life Australia.


1,000 - 10,000

Other Info

We offer customized sponsorship packages. We wish to build long term relationships with brands to build their presence at IODC events and meet with objectives.