Hullabaloo in the Park

Sponsor Name: Ben Dickenson

Location: North East

Sector: Arts, Charities, Events

Budget: 50k - 100k

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Theatre Hullabaloo are seeking sponsorship for their home town festival “Hullabaloo in the Park”


Hullabaloo in the Park – We are Theatre Hullabaloo, one of the UKs leading family arts charities. We run the only dedicated children’s theatre North of London, showcasing the very best family performances and productions from across Europe. We make our own original theatre shows, touring schools, communities and venues around the country – often winning awards along the way. We design specialist creative play installations, engaging 18,000 children a year, and run a “play on prescription” programme for families who need help with social engagement, health issue of learning progression.

We also run a major festival in our home town of Darlington – Hullabaloo in The Park – which provides 1000s families from all backgrounds with a unique offer of over 70 creative experiences. Its six days of the very best in play, theatre, interactive arts, storytelling, music, dance and messy fun, giving families the chance to see, take part and create. We want to make sure the festival remains as affordable as possible, by keeping as many of its 9 performances spaces free as we can.

Our mission is to enable every child to benefit from fantastic creative experiences, not only because we love the huge smiles they get from taking part but also because it dramatically improves their health, learning outcomes, critical thinking, speech, language development and confidence.  Having like-minded sponsors for Hullabaloo in The Park helps us to do this on a bigger scale.


Target Audience

Families with children aged 10 and under, looking for fun, into outdoor and/or arts or social activities, family events and services. Including those with disposable income and those "frontline families" who need more accessible and affordable entertainment

Key Dates and Timings


The festival takes place 26th to 20th July 2023, running 10am to 5pm each day. We expect news coverage to begin a month before hand and continue for a week or so after, with social media running sooner.

Festival Partners would need to onboard as soon as possible, with the final date for confirming their arrangement being 30th June 2023.

Stage sponsors and staff/volunteering sponsors would also need to onboard ASAP, but can make an agreement up to 10th July.

Media partners will need to make an agreement before June 8th 2023.


The festival will run again every year, with 2024 and 2025 programmes already in development, Sponsorship for all 3 years is ideal and preferred, although not essential. A scale-up arrangement, with investment smaller in 2023 and rising in 2024/25 would be of interest

Specific Opportunity Details

We will bring c. 15,000 to South Park in Darlington for 5 days in July 2023, and will be promoting the event via our networks (over 20k families by direct mail/lists) and wider advertising in regional media, around 20 publications (including some reaching every primary school parent in the region), radio and TV (total reach in excess of 1.2m people). Beyond this, we will be creating viral content across the social media channels we run and those of our partners in the Tees Valley and nationally, estimated to reach over 2m people.

Features and Benefits

As a minimum, all sponsors will receive brand advertising at the event, in physical and online pre-promotion. This will reach at least 15,000 people who attend the event and up to 2m people through wider communications.

In addition:

FESTIVAL PARTNERS can reach the full audience by sponsoring the whole event. They will then be mentioned on all promotions including in all press communications, on event t-shirts, signage, and print/brochures. This would help them raise their profile with families in the region, and identify them as a brand that supports the wellbeing, enjoyment and positive experience of well as giving back to those experiencing the cost-of-living crisis but helping ensure they have an affordable offer of the most family friendly and high quality arts, creative and fun festival.

We expect this sponsorship to be a cash contribution at a negotiated value.

STAGE SPONSOR can reach festival attendees by having their name attached to one of our 9 performance spaces at the event. This will associate sponsors with the very best of creative and accessible outdoor fun for children and families in the UK, and provide them with images and feedback from happy families with their logo on display.

We expect this sponsorship to be a cash contribution at a negotiated value.

STAFF AND VOLUNTEER SPONSORS will ensure local people have training, work and development opportunities, and that festival attendees experience a beautifully warm and friendly welcome from people who care about their children's experience as much as they do. This will put their logo on every tshirt worn by the 60 strong staffing team. It will also provide staff and volunteers with lunch and support for travel costs, all with the sponsor's name attached.

This can be a cash contribution, but could also include in-kind support including food, free travel vouchers from transport companies, training offers.

MEDIA PARTNERS will promote the event across their channels and through their networks during June and July 2023. They would also commit to articles and features through their channels as appropriate, which would be reciprocated through our channels. This would be an in-kind offer, and would ensure they are mentioned throughout our media and social media communications.

Other Partners

Tees Valley Combined Authority
Darlington Borough Council
Visit Tees Valley
Darlington Building Society
Arts Council England
Gillian Dickinson Trust


Festival Partners - between £5,000 and £30,000 Stage sponsors - between £1.000 and £10,000.

Other Info

The festival is part funded by Tees Valley Combined Authority, as part of their Festival Scale Up Programme, meaning it will be profiled by the Tees Valley Mayor and their team.