Hook Ballooning

Sponsor Name: Alex Hook

Location: Europe, Midlands, Wales

Sector: Sports

Budget: Budget Varies

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Hook Ballooning is looking for sponsorship to help them on an international scale.


Hook Ballooning – A team that covers the Midlands and North Wales in all that is Ballooning! Nothing draws a crowd more than Hot Air Balloons and is a great chance to show off our supporters on an international scale!


Target Audience

We have a wide range of target audience given how exciting and unique our sport is, as we fly over many towns and cities we are not limited to any particular demographic.

Key Dates and Timings

Each sponsorship opportunity runs for a full year and covers all main events that we attend both nationally and abroad mainly in Europe.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have a selection of opportunities depending on budget. Entry options would include promotional banners/posters attached to the basket. There is scope for team kits, fuel sponsors and full hot air balloon with artwork if desired. We have 2 pilots as part of the team with which the sponsorship is shared.

Features and Benefits

All packages are negotiable, minimum packages would include branding at all events we attend. Bigger packages could include personal flights for sponsors when available in the year. We have a fast growing social media presence and sponsors will be featured appropriately.

Other Partners

None at present.


Minimum package cash investment of £600 for the basket banner promotion. All other packages can be discussed further all the way up to a brand new Balloon!

Other Info

A highly unique opportunity to support a Hot Air Balloon team. For more information please get in touch.