Hinckley AFC

Sponsor Name: Liam Finn

Location: Midlands

Sector: Football

Budget: Budget Varies

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We are a supporter-owned community club playing out of Kirkby Road in Barwell, representing the Hinckley & Bosworth area. Having recently celebrated our tenth anniversary this February, the club has gone from strength to strength on and off the pitch, as our first team look to secure promotion from Midland Football League, whilst defending our position as current League Cup champions. Recently breaking our regular league attendance with 390 supporters, and a cup final attendance of 700 just last season, we believe we can achieve higher attendances and support from across the borough as we progress through the leagues.

We are also committed to grassroots football in the area, in contact to establish affiliate women’s teams, ensuring these teams are well funded and offer women in area as many opportunities as possible to enjoy club football, and have also begun conversations with established youth set-ups in the area, to provide support and fundraising where we can. In a non-football capacity, charity and community work are important tenets in our position as a community, running multiple food banks across the season and opening space on matchday for charity and community organisations or projects.

However these inroads could not be possible without the local businesses that support us and work with us on community and charity projects. As we begin to ascend the ranks of the football pyramid, with the 2024/25 season on the horizon, we are looking for new businesses to get involve, we have several exciting opportunities to participate and help in the growth of your local community club.

Target Audience

We have a broad demographic, traditionally older and male but increasingly families and young adults of all background and gender.

Key Dates and Timings

We follow the typical senior football season, with preseason beginning in July and the standard season extending from August through to late April or ealy May typically.

Specific Opportunity Details

With a strong reputation in non-league football, we have a strong following that is only growing, with an average attendance of 220 for the 2023/24 season so far, we have also broken our league record attendance record with 390, which was the highest nationally at our step and the step above for that matchweek, we have also seen marquee attendances of 700 for our 2022/23 League Cup final trimuph and 811 for the 2021/22 play off final.

In terms of social media presence, which stands at 2.4k Facebook followers and 6.8k Twitter followers, we ensure this is kept to a professional standard receives fantastic engagement with regular updates and posts.

Our community and charity work is incredibly important to us, and we have looked to increase this accordingly in recent years. Alongside food banks and charity stalls, we have also begun to look into the possibility of community eye health days with our optician partner Wood Street Optical. Likewise, we would be happy to consider any charity or community project with our sponsors or platform existing campaigns where appropriate.

Features and Benefits

Prestige Package - £15,000
• Home & Away kit main sponsor
• Four sponsorship boards
• Four hospitality packages (5 guests per package)
• 20x season tickets
• Prioritised sponsor space across all media channels (social media, website, programmes etc.)
• Signed framed shirt

Diamond Package - £6,500
• Home OR Away kit main sponsor
• Two sponsorship boards
• Two hospitality packages (5 guests per package)
• 10x season tickets
• Prioritised sponsor space across all media channels (social media, website, programmes etc.)
• Signed framed shirt

Partner Package - £600
• Entry into the Sponsorship Draw (which includes the chance to be shorts sponsor for the 2024/25 season)
• One sponsorship board
• 5x season tickets
• Sponsor space on website and programme

Board Package - £350
• One sponsorship board
• 2x season tickets
• Sponsor space on website and programme

Should you not wish to commit such amounts immediately, we also have a range of smaller sponsorship deals should you wish to try:

Player sponsorship - £50
Website sponsor - £50
Matchday Hospitality Experience - £30 per person
Season Programme sponsor - £200

Other Partners

We have a wide range of sponsors, including solictors, estate agents, tradespeople across trades, car mechanics, restaurants, opticians, couriers, aggregate removal and the local co-op.


As seen with our beenfits, this can vary broadly, from £50 up to £15,000