Sponsor Name: Phoebe Lee

Location: Lincolnshire

Sector: Roller Sports

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

HarryJMB is seeking sponsorship to help him get to Europeans in 2024, to play for the England u17 squad.


HarryJMB – The roller hockey sport in this country is totally self funded but abroad it is played professionally. HarrisonJMB is a roller hockey goalie and he has played roller hockey for almost five years. Two years ago he changed position from an outfielder to a goalie after years of wanting to try it. He gave his all, gave 110% at every training opportunity, joined royals gym with a personal trainer, as the key to being a good goalie is fitness. Attend training both in uk and abroad, to access the best coaching.

Harrison is only 14 years old but is a determined young man, who gives his all in everything he commits to. After being a goalie for a matter of months Harrison was invited to participate in project 2022 – to compete & train for a place in the England u17 squad in 2023. He worked hard, took every training opportunity there was, worked with any coached who pushed him beyond his limits, and made the reduced squad list and then later the further reduced squad, narrowly missing out on final squad place. Which if he had made it would have been a year early!

Although only being a goalie for two seasons Harry has achieved a lot, national most improved camp to camp, club most improved young keeper, he made regional squad and helped his team become inter regional u15 champions, invited to compete in uerh Cup exhibition games in Middlesborough amongst other things. Harrison has become well known in the roller hockey world for his hard work and determination. He is being spotted by a lot of coaches at a lot of clubs for his fast development. This season alone he had 4 offers from 4 different clubs for u17 team and 2 for a senior team place. His dream of all dreams is to play for his country, to compete in the Europeans and then to one day to live and play abroad.


Target Audience

Anyone interested in competitive sports of any age group. Roller hockey is played by all ages and is competitive across the board.

Key Dates and Timings

2024 onwards, as I'm aiming to make England u17 squad to participate Europeans 2024 and following years.

Specific Opportunity Details

Harrison has come along way very fast and drawing lots of attention because of it. He is now known as one to watch. We have just started new social media accounts for him, separate from his personal. These will be purely for his sport and to get himself out there, his personal profiles already have 1000's of followers. Once his new accounts are known they sports followers will follow. He has followers from all over the world as this sport is popular world wide, with professional players being paid thousands each week. He currently has an Instagram and a tiktok account with a YouTube to follow. Any sponsor would be mentioned & tagged in any video, reel or post, I would help get your business name out there as much as I possibly could. I would of course be happy to be featured on any of your business socials ect

Features and Benefits

I'm happy to wear any branded clothing to & from tournaments, have logo/branding on my huge kit bag, helmet & leg pads. Any sponsor will be mentioned in every social media post as well as wearing any branded/personalised clothing. I would be happy to be featured in any of your own publicity. And of course my eternal gratitude.


I'm looking for £6000 this will help me get to Portugual for the Easter squad training and help towards the cost of kit & travel to Europeans 2024. Total cost will be far more but I'm working hard to cover the rest myself. I don't mind if this is in split payments, ie a payment towards Easter training trip and another when I make squad.

Other Info

Harrison is already on the pre selected list for next year's England squad.