Hackney & Leyton Sunday League

Sponsor Name: April Mcgrath

Location: London

Sector: Football

Budget: Budget Varies

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Hackney & Leyton Sunday League are seeking sponsorship to support the funding of their club to help them progress.


We are the famous Hackney and Leyton Sunday League which offers grassroots football for open age adults at the iconic Hackney marshes. We as a league are a non profit organisation, we run on the payments made by our loyal clubs, so having a sponsor will allow us to give back to the community by being able to hold cup finals at stadiums, hold presentation evenings as well as funding courses which will help the progression of all the clubs. As a potential sponsor you will have a wide variety of options in how we as a league can promote your buisness! Ranging from banners, product samples being distributed, a page in our cup finals programme, features on our brand new website, shout outs on our social media etc.


Target Audience

We have our adult league which is made up of 50+ clubs 16-50, but we also have our development league which is aimed at male 16-19. Even though we are a male league we have easily 100+ supporters each week from the clubs and they range from women 16-80 and children 0-16. All the teams vary, we have some old school pub teams, university teams, international teams (for example FC Niva who are made up of Ukraine born males who reside in London). It is a very diverse grassroots football community which is what is so appealing about our league.

Key Dates and Timings

We are looking for a sponsor long term - so at least a season with the option of extending after the season has finished.
Starting in August 2023 and finishing in June 2024.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have a minimum of 25 fixtures each week, so thats 50 clubs, 800+ players, 200+ supporters every sunday and thats without local residents who also use the marshes. This amount of foot traffic would be ideal for any buisness to promote their brand and get it seen by over 1,000 people every sunday! Aswell as the foot traffic we also will have a brand new website for the 2023/24 season, which our last website used to receive over 100,000 views each week, an ideal place for your buisness to promote their logo. We also have our social media pages ie Twitter, Instagram & Facebook- which your buisness can be shared weekly, monthly, quarterly- whichever suits you. This will allow the league, on behalf of our sponsors be able to give back to the community by being able to hold cup finals at stadiums, hold presentation evenings aswell as funding courses which will help the progression of all the clubs.

Features and Benefits

Previously before the pandemic we had a partnership with Nurishment where they would come and walk round the marshes on a Sunday handing out samples of their new products. We also arranged with them a social media challenge where players, coaches and supporters would upload a selfie with their product whilst out shopping using a specific # and # their team and the team to uploaded the most won the cost of their next months pitch permits. This boosted Nurishments product sales and social media views.

We also have a wide variety of options such as banners we can have up where it would be seen by a minimum of 800 people every Sunday who use the marshes centre. We want to be able to work closely with our sponsors to enable us to provide you with the best ways to promote and support your business whilst also helping our clubs and the league succeed also.

Other Partners

We currently do not have any sponsors, due to covid we sadly lost our committee member who worked closely with our previous sponsors Nurishment & Red Bull.


We are looking for different investments and each variety will have a different cost. Ranging from £500-£10,000

Other Info

As previously mentioned our aim is to support our clubs and achieve success as a league allowing us to give back to the community and also support our sponsors by boosting their revenue and product sales