Green Sunrise Podcast

Sponsor Name: Paul Quinn

Location: Scotland

Sector: Film

Budget: Under 10k

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Paul Quinn is seeking sponsorship for the Green Sunrise Podcast which covers the topic of mental health and inspiring stories.


Welcome to Green Sunrise Podcast, the podcast that empowers individuals living with mental health needs. Hosted by Paul Charlie Bhoy Quinn, we explore a range of mental health topics and share inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome mental health challenges. Our goal is to provide a supportive community and resources to help you improve your overall health and wellbeing. Join us on the journey towards a brighter future.


Target Audience

Male and female 16-50 suggests that your podcast may resonate with young men who are socially active and have an interest in music and sports. This demographic may indicate an audience that values mental well-being alongside their other interests and seeks content that addresses mental health topics in a relatable and engaging manner.

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorship would run monthly at minimum of £200 - £400 max this would enable the podcast to run one studio produced episode per week either 1 hour or 2 hour episodes. And it would also allow me to run another 2 home-based ran episodes with also the potential to showcase the sponsor which would be ideally suited to the podcast message.

Specific Opportunity Details

The podcast was started with myself as the host interviewing people surrounding their mental health habits and what helped them escape depression and anxiety. I run podcasts at least one per month at a studio based in Glasgow. The episodes for this can be found on YouTube and other platforms such as Instagram, Spotify and varies others. My subscribers have went from 9 on YouTube to just over 205 since it has been it started on YouTube October 2022. Reaching 8,775 views. Each episode has a new guest and the idea is that when you become a guest you then become a cohost and potential host for the podcast in the future. Each guest has been spoken to about the vision of the podcast idea and always agree on how they would like to be involved. The numbers I have so far are detailed below on the main platforms I post to.
YouTube Subscribers - 205 with 8,775 views
Spotify Followers - 62 with 3,386 views
Instagram Followers - 658
TikTok Followers - 2,219
Facebook Group Followers - 648
Twitter followers 2,212
There are varies other platforms shared from also.
Potential partners would have a voice and also I would set opportunity at the start and end of each podcast episode to showcase a product or idea.

Features and Benefits

As Green Sunrise Podcast's sponsor, you can expect a comprehensive package that offers various benefits and opportunities to enhance your brand's visibility and reach. Here are some examples of what a sponsor could receive:

1. Branding: Prominent placement of your brand logo and name on podcast episodes, website, and promotional materials.
2. Advertising: Dedicated ad spots within podcast episodes, allowing you to effectively promote your products or services to the engaged audience.
3. Hospitality tickets: Exclusive access to events related to mental health or well-being, providing networking opportunities and exposure to like-minded individuals.
4. Promotional opportunities: Mentions, shout-outs, or interviews with podcast host Paul Charlie Bhoy Quinn, allowing you to share your brand story and message with the audience.
5. Product sampling: The chance to offer product samples or exclusive discounts to podcast listeners, generating interest and potential customer acquisition.
6. Social media promotion: Promotion of your brand across Green Sunrise's social media channels, extending your reach to a broader audience.
7. Co-branded content: Collaborative episodes or segments that highlight the partnership between Green Sunrise and your brand, creating mutually beneficial exposure.
8. On-site activations: Opportunities to engage directly with the Green Sunrise community at live events, workshops, or panel discussions.

These examples demonstrate the wide range of benefits a sponsor could receive as part of the Green Sunrise Podcast package. Each sponsorship can be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the sponsoring brand, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership that supports the podcast's mission of empowering individuals living with mental health needs.

Other Partners

Only one Beyond Entertainments- Wedding DJ


£400 monthly to pay for studio costs

Other Info

I have another presentation that I could give more information on the vision of the business idea. The main host is a life coach and DBT therapist.