GPC World Championships 2024 in Powerlifting

Sponsor Name: Abdelhalim Chouli

Location: Ireland

Sector: Weightlifting

Budget: 10k - 50k

Social Links

I’m a very talented powerlifter. I will easily rank first in my bodyweight (-60kg) and overall best lifter. I think it would be a great opportunity for any sponsor to have me represent their organization.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in Powerlifting.

Key Dates and Timings

GPC World Championships 2024 in Trnava (Slovakia)
October 10-13/2024

Specific Opportunity Details

I do not have a current sponsor. I train with two esteemed Irish Powerlifters. I have already participated in three competitions and ranked first in my weight class: 60kg. I've also won a best bencher in my recent competition in Dublin. I benched 130kg at 60kg of body weight. My numbers are impressive (Squat: 160kg - Bench: 130 - Deadlift: 200kg) but the competitions are not cheap. I'm seeking a sponsor to cover my trip and expanses to Slovakia as I was invited to represent the Irish GPC team there. The competition takes place in Trnava and runs for 3 days.

Features and Benefits

I would represent the sponsor and their company by making their brand - name reach an audience in Eastern Europe

Other Info

I'm 140cm tall and 60kg in bodyweight and have already won multiple competitions! This is surely inspirational