Global Esports Team Arcana Seek Sponsorship

Sponsor Name: Arcana

Location: Europe

Sector: Esports, Events

Budget: Budget Varies

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Seeking out sponsorship for their up coming and future global Esports events for Overwatch and many more games.



My name’s Ethan “Echo” Hart, I’m the Owner of Arcana. We’re an Esports organisation currently focused on Overwatch and Valorant in Europe, but expanding to Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket league and more, with each team having a second team playing in North America soon. After we establish ourselves at the top of every game, we will be opening a Content Creation Team of 5-10 Streamers and Youtubers that will represent our organisation and create group content for us., a Street-Wear Fashion line, a commission based Graphics Team, and finally a Tournament and Academy System.
Our plans focus on financial safety through multiple lines of income, and increased exposure, which means we are a safe company to invest in, whilst still providing a large financial opportunity for any investors.
In return for investment, your company or you individually will be represented on all our Social Medias, and shown on our Esports Jerseys, which will be seen by thousands of viewers of tournaments, as well as our fanbase. This exposure is vital to any company that wants to reach an audience in the Esports and Gaming sector. We can also discuss a percentage of our revenue back, depending on your investment and needs.

You can either invest in everything, or choose a specific team to sponsor. If you sponsor a team we can discuss a split of the team’s profits, but a sponsorship for everything will be a larger reward as you will have a split of the organisation’s profit.

Target Audience

Our demographic would generically base around 15-40, mostly males, that are into gaming and competitions. There is a large range of exceptions to this as Esports and Gaming in general is a popular scene with millions of supporters. We are perfect for anybody that want an audience in Technology and Gaming sector which again is one of the biggest at the moment.

Key Dates and Timings

Sponsorships will base for a year, up to 5 years.
Preferred as soon as possible.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our basis is the UK but we will be exposed to audiences across Europe and America soon.

Features and Benefits

A large audience in Gaming, Esports, Twitch, Youtube and others.
A company with financial safety and promise for large profit.
An in-depth and thorough plan that secures us an active audience who will follow our team and the companies associated with us.
Partial control over the Sectors you invest in, and frequent updates on your investments and our plans.
Jersey branding for when we compete with millions watching.


Prices can vary for each sponsorship, and will be discussed with sponsors depending on what you want to touch in. We’re looking for large investments for each team, to sustain contracts for every staff and player on the team.

Other Info

Even though we are currently a smaller Esports Organisation, we have extreme promise due to our thorough plans, which will secure us in the history of Esports and Gaming, which is one of the largest rising sectors.
Your investment now will mean you were at the beginning, and will gain even larger profits from it in the future, if you decide to invest early.
Any more information can be given through emails, through application on, on telephone “07427843673”, or on discord “Echo#1880”