GB U21 Women’s Ball Hockey Team

Sponsor Name: Pauline Boardman

Location: UK National

Sector: Womens Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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GB U21 Women’s Ball Hockey Team are looking for sponsorship as they are due to attend the World Championships.


I am the GB U21 Women’s Ball Hockey Team Manager. The team are due to compete at the World Championships in Liberec Czech Republic in July this year. Ball Hockey is completely self-funded in the UK, and players fund their own Kit, travel and accommodation at the event. We are seeking a sponsor to provide the team with their Team Caps for their selection to the national team, the costs for a venue for a training weekend for the team to train prior to the event, and a fund for nutrition & water for the whole team during the event.


Target Audience

All ages of girls/women in the Ball Hockey community world wide

Key Dates and Timings

By 20th June for training weekend and the event lasts from 30th June to 6th July 2023

Specific Opportunity Details

We are a national team and would promote any sponsors through the team's social media and that of individual players.

Features and Benefits

We would promote on social media and would be able to provide/present a GB jersey signed by the whole team. Logo could be added to the Player's game jerseys.

Other Partners

At the moment we do not have any sponsors for the team.


Cash investment. Caps would be around £350, the training weekend would be £300 and the nutrition fund would be £350. We would also be happy with nutritional snacks, electrolytes, water bottles with a company logo etc for the team to use at the championship

Other Info

As mentioned the players are fully self funded and would be very grateful of any support received/offered, I have not put in social media addresses below as there will be various addresses as each player has social media.