Gazelles Off Road Team: First British Female Team at Dakar Classic

Sponsor Name: Helen Tait Wright

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport

Budget: 50k - 100k

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Gazelles Off Road Team are looking for sponsorship to support them as they prepare to be the first British female team at Dakar Classic.


Gazelles Off Road Team – We are Helen and Marcella, a British, mature, all female team, competing in off road endurance 4×4 rally raids with our Land Rover vehicles. We have been competing since 2019 and like to think of our partnerships as ongoing concerns, creating stories which our partners use to help them in their own marketing and media. Our partners also benefit from exposure of their brand on our vehicles and clothing and through our social media channels, as well as being part of a motivated team. We prefer the term partner to sponsor, as we believe the arrangement works both ways, and we do our best to make sure that all our partners are well represented and promoted by us.


Target Audience

Our team attracts followers from motorsports enthusiasts, male and female, of all ages, from Land Rover owners, and from women in all walks of life who support other women in crazy adventures.

Key Dates and Timings

The Dakar Classic 2026 will take place at the beginning of the year, in January. The precise dates are not yet available. In the first instance we need funding and or products to help us to build our race car for the event and take her on a desert shakedown in spring 2025. Phase two of our funding needs to be realised by June 2025 to enable us to benefit from the most attractive rates for entry into the event when the inscriptions open. For partners joining us, their association with the project starts straight away, so they enjoy exposure throughout the preparation phase, during the event and afterwards as we tell our story to the world. The actual rally is over a two week period.

Specific Opportunity Details

Our project is the biggest yet. Dakar Classic is part of the biggest, most prominent endurance off road rally in the world, recognised globally. The Classic event is for the older vehicles and runs alongside the main Dakar rally, sharing the same logistics as the best teams and drivers in the world. We are aiming for the 2026 edition, which runs at the beginning of January, kicking off the motorsport calendar.

We will be the first British Ladies team to compete at the event, which takes place in Saudi Arabia. We will represent not only women pushing the boundaries in motorsports, and in particular older women, but also, through our partners, promote British excellence in engineering, technology and enterprise to the larger world, on the most renowned endurance rally of them all.

We have active social media channels on Facebook and Instagram with 2,833 followers as of 11.07.24 (@gitigazelles) and have reached 11,287 accounts in the last 90 day period. We also have a developing YouTube channel (@gitigazellesoffroad). Our adventures and vehicles have featured in many of the biggest worldwide Land Rover magazine titles too. We are looking for partners to join us on this amazing and gruelling adventure, in return for unlimited access to our story, photos and video content, plus promotion by us of the brands and marques we represent.

Dakar is covered globally with a huge fan base, and joining us will allow partners to reach a worldwide audience. We urge potential partners to get in touch as soon as possible, as we can offer you good exposure and great content, and we pride ourselves on being enthusiastic and proactive partners. In addition you will be associated with our humanitarian work, which is so precious to us.

We will test and promote your product in some of the harshest conditions on earth as we push it and ourselves to our limits. We want products that work as hard as we do! We want to show that not only are the ladies capable of taking on this massive challenge, but that it is not just for the young ladies.

Features and Benefits

We offer our partners branding on our vehicles and our personal clothing, plus photos and video of us using their product, or showcasing their brand in the run up to, during and after the event. With the branding on the vehicles in particular, there is a lot of cross over advertising as our other partners also share out photos and footage which will feature all the logos. We give partners full access to all our material for their own use.

Other Partners

Empire Tuning (Vehicle Performance Specialists)
Demand Engineering (Custom Exhausts)


We are looking for a total investment, to the value of £70,000. This can be purely financial, or in the form of products, and we welcome multiple partners.

Other Info

We speak English and French. We are very proud to have Dame Joanna Lumley as our patron for this project.

We aren’t just looking for backing from the motorsports sector, but as women we welcome “active" make up, cosmetics and hygiene products, also energy bars and drinks, sunglasses etc. Even backing from female friendly insurance companies would be nice.