Fraser Wilkinson

Sponsor Name: Fraser Wilkinson

Location: Scotland

Sector: Boxing

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Fraser Wilkinson is seeking sponsorship to support him after making a change to progress professional boxing career.


Fraser Wilkinson – I am professional boxer originally from Elgin but now living and training in Aberdeen Scotland under David Mcalister. I am currently 6-1 and former Scottish super welter champion before the age of 22.

After rough last fighting loosing my title in a rematch I decided a new training team was needed. So I moved to Aberdeen on the basis to go full time boxing.

And advanced ticket selling a big social media following the help of a full time sponsor would benefit me and the business as wide spread advertising on all aspect of my career to be promoted through.

After my loss I flew myself to Guadalajara, Mexico where I stayed for 4 weeks and work with one of the worlds best coaches in Chepo reyenoso, trainer of Saul Canelo Alvarez. (Undisputed world champion)

There I learnt a lot of what I have to give to the sport of boxing and how far I can actually go. With this I fully believe I have the capability to go all the way to world title contention, I am an approachable character, well spoken. And have the the boxing skills to match.

I’ve boxed since the age of 10, gave up every outside aspect of life to make it in boxing and through my obsession of the game, I don’t believe I can fail.


Target Audience

I have supporters and fans of all ages raging from age 10 all the way up to age 65+.

Key Dates and Timings

My next fight I will headline Ardoe House, Aberdeen on the 9th of September. Before the. Fighting in the beach ballroom Aberdeen. Late November.

Specific Opportunity Details

Unlike some boxers in Scotland, I offer a different ability in advertising, in my first two years as a boxer I’ve boxed in 5 different cities.
- Aberdeen

With this fundamental I have the ability to showcase business to a wider group of people as this continues. With branding of business to be shown on all fight kit.

Business will also be posted through my social media. Where my social has a combined following of 5.5k people predominantly from the North/Scotland. But goes as far as American and Mexico.

I am Elgins first ever professional boxer out of 3 to win and title of any kind. My eagerness is a sin and an asset but now I am being guided by the best trainer in the North of Scotland with such a rich history in a boxing family. I fully believe I can’t fail, I’m not saying it will be easy but I’m willing to do everything I can to make it in the world of boxing.

Features and Benefits

All company branding will be shown on fit shorts, fight night T-shirts and, will be tagged and displayed on all social media post that is shown on my pages.

Other Partners

Right now, I have small joinery and plumbing firms who help when they can but apart from that I have let the rest of my sponsor go as I believe in only having people who are interested in seeing me achieve my goals rather than give me money to just write off tax. The show of interest in how I’m doing and achieving is more important than the money.


Investment. I was looking support in terms of a full time contract. A wage that would allow me to box full time. Without having to work in between my sessions.

Other Info

Boxing requires alot of hard focus and determination. But not only that rest is important too. I currently work full time as a bricklayer. I train in the mornings before work and then after work almost every night. The level I am producing right now I can guarantee will be double, almost tripple with the ability to box full time.