Frankie Lloyd

Sponsor Name: Frankie Lloyd


Sector: Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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Frankie Lloyd is looking for sponsorship to support his funds as a professional boxer.


My name is Frankie Lloyd I’m a professional boxer from Essex, I make my professional debut at York Hall Bethnal Green, East London. I can provide a lot of social media promotion, ringwear promotion and any interviews I do etc. I’m looking for a financial sponsor to help with training costs and nutrition costs. I’ll never let you down and I’ll promote your business to the very best of my ability.


Target Audience

All audiences welcome please contact me.

Key Dates and Timings

20th of may 2023 York Hall Bethnal Green professional boxing debut.

Specific Opportunity Details

My professional debut at York hall Bethnal Green 20th of may 2023 my manager Simon Legg works for Frank Warren at Queensberry promotions and he will be aiming to get me a deal with Frank and BT Sports in the near future as long as I perform so exciting things on the horizon but I know success can’t be achievable without a great team!

Features and Benefits

This a good opportunity to support a local with big aspirations of changing his life around from a very tough and rocky road to great glory with hard work and dedication and a great team around me.

Other Partners

I have two sponsors pending but nothing over the line.


I’m looking for 200 a week but I’m very flexible and everything is negotiable as I’d be very greatful to receive any help along the way I can get on my journey.

Other Info

Great way to network with others and meet new people. There will be potential business opportunities and a great circuit. A different circuit of people which investors may not be use too so it is an amazing change of scenery with great nights of boxing ahead and an interesting thing to be involved with a local lad.