FootGolf Association of Wales

Sponsor Name: Nick Edric & James Reynolds

Location: Wales

Sector: Sports

Budget: Under 10k

Social Links

We out the National Body responsible for the development of social and competitive FootGolf in Wales. We are a non-profit voluntary organisation valuing inclusivity and diversity to play the sport of FootGolf. We are committed to grass roots level upto our National FootGolf Team. We host a Full Schedule of FootGolf Tournaments across Wales North and South and have been official members of the FIFG (Federation of international FootGolf) since 2021. We our very much reliant on Sponsors to help us grow FootGolf in Wales and in return can actively promote businesses who are affiliated with The FGAW at tournaments, accross all social media, advertising campaigns and on the shirts of the Wales National FootGolf Team etc.

Target Audience

FootGolf is a fantastic hybrid sport of Football and Golf. It is played on Golf courses around Wales with adapted holes to fit a size 5 football. All the rules are essentially athe same as Golf, but you use your legs and feet to kick and Putt. We have a diverse age range that plays the sport, from 8 years old upto 69.

Key Dates and Timings

Wales FootGolf Team Sponsorship Opportunity lasts for 1 year, and includes full print of your business logo on the Wales National FootGolf Team Kit, exposure at international tournaments v other countries national Footgolf teams, regular social media and networking posts and advertising through our Facebook page etc.

Specific Opportunity Details

Wales National FootGolf Team Sponsorship Opportunity for the 2024 /2025 season plus individual Tournament Sponsors wanted for the FootGolf Association of Wales National Tour 2024

Features and Benefits

Regular social media presence on our Facebook page, advertising on the Wales National FootGolf Team Kit or and at tournaments etc.

Other Partners

Our current sponsors our Comms Creatives a social media company and Just A Van? a Campervan specialist.


To Sponsor The FootGolf Association of Wales National Team for 2024/2025 we are ideally looking at £999 to be able to purchase the seasons new kit and printing if Sponsor logos. We will also use the sponsorship donation to invest in our development of the FootGolf Association of Wales Tour, and attracting new players of all ages and gender to enter our Tournaments.

Other Info

We are at heart a community centred organisation providing physical and mental health benifits of playing this fantastic sport, with the opportunity for many to go on and represent their country as Wales National Team did at the 2023 FIFG World Cup in Orlando, USA.