Flying Dragon – F1 in Schools

Sponsor Name: Evie Evans

Location: London

Sector: Education, Motor Sport

Budget: Under 10k

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Flying Dragon is an F1 in Schools team and they are looking for sponsorship to support them at the London Regionals.


Flying Dragon – F1 in Schools: We are a group of year 8 students from Mill Hill School. We are part of a team called the Flying Dragon and we are competing in the STEM F1 London regionals. Have you ever wondered about sponsoring a F1 team but then realised that it would cost between $1 million and $50 million – way too much for the budget! Then worry no more as you have the opportunity to sponsor our F1 team for a fraction of that cost. We are looking for sponsorship to help with team clothing, pit display and car. We would love to have you sponsor our team.


Target Audience

Students aged 12 - 18, parents, F1 supporters.

Key Dates and Timings

We would need the sponsorship before the first of January

Specific Opportunity Details

Your sponsorship will be seen by tens of thousands of people aged 12 - 18 and parents all at a STEM F1 competition to be held in London at the end of January 2024, as well as many others watching on TV.

Features and Benefits

Gold sponsor : £300 - Logo displayed on 30% of car* and on the chest of team hoodies
Silver sponsor : £150 - Logo displayed on 15% of car* and sleeves of team hoodies
Bronze sponsor : £50 - Logo displayed on 5% of car* and side of team caps
*the car is only around 20cm long