Flow Free Power Ltd

Sponsor Name: Andy Bloomfield

Location: North East


Budget: 10k - 50k

Social Links

Flow Free Power Ltd are a new mini hydro dynamo looking for sponsorship to support their new company.


Flow Free Power Ltd – I am an inventor and have developed a new mini hydro dynamo, it utilizes waste water for residential and industrial settings converting it in to a cost saving and offsetting the carbon foot print.


Target Audience

Average age is home owners and business owners 24-70 and an even split between male and female across the world.

Key Dates and Timings

We can trial for 18 months with updates on feed back from events and socials starting from 1/8/2023.

Specific Opportunity Details

We can promote you business or product on all of our socials, clothing, web site and at live events we attend across the uk we average around 500 views per week, socials 1000 and attend around 30 events per year.
We are a fully environmental product we give a cost saving back to the customer and offset the carbon footprint.

Features and Benefits

We can offer a free dynamo installed to sponsor, all their branding will be on web site linked on socials, branding at events, on clothing.

Other Partners

No sponsorship as yet.


We can do a deal over 18 months, 2 payments spread over that period of time of £50,000 and if they can supply products we can be seen with that product and photographed.

Other Info

You will be supporting the environment as well as helping to reduce fuel poverty.