FIMBA Great Britain +40 Men’s Basketball Team

Sponsor Name: Bruce Lauder

Location: UK National

Sector: Basketball

Budget: Under 10k

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FIMBA Great Britain is looking for sponsorship for their +40 Men’s Basketball Team


FIMBA Great Britain +40 Men’s Basketball Team – Accredited by FIMBA GB, the United Kingdom ‘arm’ of FIMBA – The Federation of Masters Basketball Association, we were formed in 2019 to prepare for the European Championships, where we won the Silver Medal. Nicknamed the Wolfpack due to our on court and off court cohesion under the guidance of highly decorated coach, Neil “Mac” McElduff. Our players have a host of International, British Basketball League and England Basketball League experience, coupled with numerous national titles and Most Valuable Player awards. Our squad members come from all walks of life and backgrounds and are based throughout the UK and channel islands. The general wellbeing of our staff and players have all been greatly improved by being physically fit, team-working, mentally challenged and with an end goal. Following the UK lockdown, our squad size increased significantly as we promoted the mental and physical health benefits of sport.


Target Audience

Basketball is followed by all social and ethnic demographics that follow sport, with the largest age following being the 35-54 age group in both male and female.

Key Dates and Timings

The Masters World Cup is taking place in April 2023, with various smaller tournaments later in the year. Any sponsorship would last the full 2023 calendar year, but there is the opportunity to extend to the 2024 European Championships in Italy.

Specific Opportunity Details

As a fully self-funded organisation, we are looking for partners to support our journey to this year's World Cup in Croatia. With one of the largest social media followings in International Masters Basketball, we have quickly grown to be one of the most respected teams on the international circuit and been invited to numerous training camps and local tournaments around Europe.

Features and Benefits

Partners can tailor their own package to suit their budget and needs, with opportunities ranging from branding (tournament kits, warmup tops, off-court kit, training kit or website/social media), marketing (naming rights, training sessions, individual player sponsorship) to product placement with the team, player or training venues.

Other Partners

Pump Gyms; Care Days


£500-£2,500 cash investment, but product/promotional support will also be considered