Figure skating

Sponsor Name: Caitlin Atkinson

Location: North East

Sector: Winter Sports

Budget: Budget Varies

Social Links

Caitlin is an eager and determined figure skater with an unmatched desire to better herself and improve her skating skills. She can wear sponsorship clothing items/ patches on her training and competition attire, which will prove eye catching to fellow athletes and hundreds of audience members and online spectators from the live streams of major competitions such as the British championships and national/ international competition opens. Her high energy personality and competitive performances will be sure to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Target Audience

Male and Female target audience aged around 13-50, into sports and following figure skating especially.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship is preferably required prior to March and to last until March 2025

Specific Opportunity Details

Caitlin has a social media page on Instagram and currently has 1.2k followers. She has British qualifying competitions coming up in March, August and October before the championships in December and would like to have sponsorship before March in order to aid with travel costs and hotel for her choreography coach in Dundee, Scotland, competitions and training equipment such as clothing, trainers and skates. Caitlin is also a full time student completing A levels in the uk so extra funding means she has to spend less time working to reduce the impact on her training and study schedule.

Features and Benefits

Sponsors would obtain many promotional opportunities through media coverage at competitions.