Felix Racing Project – Motorsport

Sponsor Name: Felix Racing Project

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport, Sports

Budget: 10k - 50k

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Felix Racing Project seek sponsorship to carry on doing the car shows and and track racers.


Felix Racing Project was founded by me Michael Woodhouse, I was a serving Soldier in the British Army as a qualified Class 2 Ammunition Technician and Weapons Intelligence Specialist. I have served in England, Northern Ireland, Jordan and Afghanistan. I have always wanted to compete in motorsport as it has been an obsession of mine from a very young age. The passion for it all began with my Grandfather. He too served in the British Army and raced for the British Army Motorbike Team and went onto compete in the British Go Karting Championship. My father then followed suit and competed in Denmark in the World Championship for Karting (210cc). He later moved into Rallycross before sacrificing his racing aspirations to start a family and take on the responsibilities of the family haulage business.

So as you may already be aware, the aim of this project (The Felix Racing Project – Racing for Awareness) is to raise awareness and donations for smaller military charities who do not get as much publicity as they deserve for all the amazing and demanding work that they do.

The Felix Fund – http://www.felixfund.org.uk/

Scottys Little Soldiers – http://www.scottyslittlesoldiers.co.uk/

BLESMA – https://blesma.org

Combat Stress – http://www.combatstress.org.uk

The reason I have selected the aforementioned charities is mainly down to their involvement with injured personnel and veterans that require their help along with their families. I believe there is a gap in Motorsport where Sponsors are prevalent but charity coverage is not so much. I have decided to combine the two and wish to promote awareness of the charities wherever possible. From working with people in the trade, both serving and veterans get a lot of help from them but little is known of the work they do, if anything at all in the majority of cases, with the general public.

When the project began back in June 2016, it started out with the purchase of a Toyota Celica GT-Four WRC Edition, 1 of 40 surviving in the UK. Over the past few years I have invested my own time and money into the project by;

– Upgrading the suspension and brakes

– Upgrading the pipework and exhaust system

– Modifications to comply with FIA / MSA regulations

– Adding a livery

– Gaining endorsements from the charities

– Building a social media footprint and gaining followers via Facebook and Instagram

Since leaving the Army in the earlier months of this year, the project has really started to take shape. We have taken the vehicle to numerous automotive shows and have competed at our first Hillclimb event at Barbon. The car performed extremely well, considering it still has most of it’s original interior and has not yet been stripped out. To give some context, we were in a category with a Porsche Boxster 3.2L that had been prepared for dedicated track use, and had far more power and less weight.

As you can see, at the 64ft point the Celica GT-Four was a fraction behind the Porsche. Further up the hill he was able to gain more time on us due to the power to weight ratio. However, we believe this shows what the car can be capable of with the correct setup.

Both the car and the aim of the project has resonated with the public, and many have taken an interest in what the future may hold for it. We already have a few sponsors on board, including Recaro who have provided two FIA certified seats. We also have MK Auto Repairs & Tuning of Blackburn who are a Toyota Celica GT-Four Specialist and they have been pioneering the 5S-GTE (2.4L) build with phenomenal yet reliable power figures. Skewer Graphics have also joined the team by designing and fitting a one-of-a-kind livery for the car which is striking and unforgettable (as you can see for yourself with the attached photographs).

This brings us on to the uncomfortable subject of money. I have researched the projected costs for the completion of the build to be approximately £50,000 which will include (to name but a few) the roll cage, safety systems, engine build, lightweight pro-race wheels and UK Time Attack approved tyres. The potential for the car is that it can be a record breaker in Sprint series events throughout the UK in its category – as a production car that has been modified. The history of the Celica GT-Four in WRC under Juha Kankunnen, Markku Alen, Carlos Sainz to name a few, show what a fantastic foundation vehicle it is to work from, as it is fundamentally, at it’s core, a racing car.

If you have interest in joining the team and assisting in this endeavour, further discussions would take place of what you would expect from the project in terms of publicity, recognition and endorsements. We would like to stress that the main aims of Felix Racing Project are to increase the profile of the charities and to assist in raising funds for them to continue their important work by gaining publicity with shows and competitions.

The Felix Racing Project is an underdog in a sport that is dominated by big-money teams. If you can believe in a team, run by an ex Army Ammunition Technician with a questionable accent, a lead right foot and petrol on the brain, please get in touch.

Thank you for your time.

Target Audience

Nationwide - UK Time Attack Championship, UK Hillclimb Championship, Isle of Man TT Time Attack, Nationwide Car shows & events

Key Dates and Timings

All year round events and car shows ie; Japfest Silverstone, Retro Rides Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb - UK Hillclimb championship, UK Time Attack championship.

Specific Opportunity Details

Positive PR engagement from assisting the project and indirectly the Military Charities.
Potential for a record-breaking one of a kind Car.
Nationwide recognition and fanbase.

Features and Benefits

Charity endorsement - their PR can assist in promoting the project and products from the Sponsor.
All events and car shows the sponsors products will be promoted in line with the Charities.
Social media profile will be raised.

Other Partners

MK Auto Repairs & Tuning
Skewer Graphics
Assistance from Ciceley Motorsport


40-50,000 GBP to finalise the car with contingency money for any issues.