Sponsor Name: Russell Eaton

Location: UK National

Sector: Events

Budget: Budget Varies

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FanKlapper are looking for sponsorship to support their company as their hand held banners are used at sporting events across the UK.


FanKlapper – We design, produce and supply FanKlappers – which are a hand held banner and noise maker. Used at a wide range of sporting and other events they are a great way for fans to make a noise and for you to get your message across.
FanKlappers are
• 100% recyclable – we use no lamination and only vegetable-based inks
• Designed to your exact requirements with a different design on each side with unlimited colours, images, logos, text.
• Produced using 400gsm silk card resulting in a premium product
• Extremely cost effective.
We have supplied FanKlappers to a huge variety of clubs including English Premier League, English Championship and Division One, Scottish Premier League, Women’s Football Superleague, Netball Superleague, Rugby League, T20 Cricket, Ice Hockey, British American Football.
We also have experience of providing FanKlappers at major televised events e.g. Wembley Stadium.


Target Audience

A huge range of sporting and other events

Key Dates and Timings


Specific Opportunity Details

This is a flexible opportunity for you to have your design on one side of your chosen number of FanKlappers supplied throughout the UK, for example, to
- One or more specific events / matches
- One or more specific clubs
- A whole season's matches
or any other supply arrangement to be agreed.

Features and Benefits

This is a fantastic opportunity to increase your brand exposure over a lengthy period of time to very large audiences including TV exposure throughout the UK..

Other Partners

We work with a range of very well known organisations such as Kent Cricket, Leeds Rhinos, Saracens Netball, Wigan Warriors, Aberdeen FC, Huddersfield Town FC, Hull City FC, Everton FC.


Flexible to be determined by number of FanKlappers x events

Other Info

This is an extremely flexible opportunity both in terms of investment, period of time and geography.