EP Business in Hospitality

Sponsor Name: Izzy McHattie

Location: Europe

Sector: Events

Budget: 10k - 50k

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EP Business in Hospitality are looking for sponsorship for their upcoming conferences.


EP Business in Hospitality has been developed to provide thought leadership to the Hospitality industry as well as communicate the benefits of the sector to the wider audience. EP talks to industry leaders and discusses with them the issues confronting the industry. Ep’s communications should appeal to leaders and original thinkers as well as anyone interested in Hospitality today. Striving to guide the industry to a brighter and better future, we are seeking sponsorship support that can enable us to organize some engaging and educational conferences on artificial intelligence and the positive impact it can have on the industry and humanity in general.


Target Audience

Hospitality industry leaders and operators across the UK and Europe who can benefit from learning about how developing robots can empower and benefit humanity. Each event would target an audience of 120-150 guests, with the idea to create a community and direct engagement of 450-500 potential clients.

Key Dates and Timings

The aim is to do several conferences between September 2023 and October 2023. Each conference will be for half a day - from 8:30am until 2pm.

Specific Opportunity Details

Companies are working harder than ever to develop new solutions which can reduce costs, improve service levels, maintain margins all whilst improving revenue potential.
The pressure has been rising for employers, with what is expected today from ESG to service experience to digitalisation and communication.
Over recent months, between EP being approached by a range of individuals and observing intra-industry struggles, we believe conferences on robotics can help educate companies on the efficiency of utilising AI as well as offering a solution to the socio-economic issues we are currently facing.
The aim of these series of conferences is to create a community around the future of robotics and the benefits it can have to operations within businesses.
The aim is to create a series of conferences which focus on robotics and digital advancement in hospitality, which can be hosted in key venues across Europe. These locations include:
1. The UK,
2. The Nordics (specifically Copenhagen and Stockholm),
3. Holland/The Hague,
4. Paris or Lyon
5. Switzerland.

In each of these locations we would be aiming to hold it at one of their hotel schools, for example in Switzerland it could be Les Roches or EHL.
EP Business in Hospitality has a wide fan base across the industry on several social media platforms:
- 3,630 followers on Twitter
- 899 followers on LinkedIn
- 880 subscribers to our daily online magazine.

Any sponsors will benefit from EPs across industry connections:
- advertisement space at the conference they have sponsored.
- advertisement through e-shots sent out in our magazine.
posts on Twitter and LinkedIn which engage a wide range of individuals from differing perspectives across the industry.

Features and Benefits

Sponsors will receive branding through several e-shots to our daily magazine subscribers through written articles about the event, posts on Twitter and LinkedIn to all followers/subscribers. Complimentary tickets to the conference. Branding at the conference events where there will be major hotel and industry leaders, leading consultants and Ehotelier who is the industry’s global communicators with an audience of over 50.

Other Partners

EP will be partnering with Softbank Robotics for these conferences.


We are looking for £15,000 per conference. This sum may be reached through several separate sponsors

Other Info

We have already received a considerable amount of interest for these conferences from people across the globe as people are seeking to learn more about the positive impact it may have on businesss.