Empowered to Lead Conference 2024

Sponsor Name: Afiya Amesu

Location: North West

Sector: Corporate Events

Budget: 50k - 100k

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She Leads for Legacy is a dynamic social enterprise committed to accelerating career progression for Black Women in the workplace. The organisation was founded by mother and daughter duo, Sharon and Afiya Amesu, both award-winning Barristers.

They were inspired to establish the organisation due to their personal and professional experiences of workplace discrimination and their understanding of the distinct barriers
Black women encounter in professional settings. Driven by their shared experiences and observations of the unique challenges Black women face in the workplace, they have committed to working together to raise awareness these challenges, and cultivate an inclusive community of Black women and Allies, dedicated to effecting change for Black women in the workplace.

Founded in 2021, She Leads for Legacy is rapidly growing community of change-makers, driving positive change.

Target Audience

Black women and Allies 18+, professional services and business,

Key Dates and Timings

Saturday 5th October 2024 from 8:00am to 5pm.

Specific Opportunity Details

The 'Empowered to Lead' Conference is our annual gathering dedicated to uplifting and supporting Black women in the workplace, while emphasising the crucial role of allies in this movement for positive change. This conference serves as a platform to address the systemic barriers faced by Black women seeking to achieve leadership roles and advocates for meaningful change, in partnership with allies from diverse backgrounds.

This conference is specifically designed to equip, empower and inspire Black women and Allies to foster a culture of inclusivity and allyship so Black women can thrive at work. We believe that working together in solidarity, can help dismantle barriers to advancement and create more equitable workplaces for all.

This year will be another exciting opportunity to listen to award winning, world class speakers and thought leaders and engage in inspiring, empowering conversations.

Hosted at the world renowned, prestigious Lowry theatre, this conference of over 450 delegates is the biggest conference in the North of England, specifically for Black Women and Allies!

Features and Benefits

As a sponsor, you'll have the chance to align your brand with a meaningful cause while gaining invaluable exposure to a diverse and engaged audience. Depending on the level of sponsorship, the following benefits will be available:

Company logo on all promotional material, social media and on screen displays during the event
Company logo on post event email
Recognition during the live event
Company logo on promotional material in delegates conference memorabilia
Complimentary tickets.

Opportunity to introduce your organisation in a 2 minute segment at the event or play a 1–2 minute video during the event
Up to 10 complimentary conference tickets.
Opportunity to be a guest on the She Leads for Legacy' Podcast
A 60 min in-house masterclass on one of the following topics:
(i) How to Be a Courageous Ally
(ii) How to Build an Anti Racist Organisation
(iii) How to Lead with Executive Presence (for up 20 female leaders in your


£5,000-£25,000 or product/promotional support

Other Info

Sponsoring the ‘Empowered to Lead’ Conference 2024 offers a range of benefits, including both CSR objectives and strategic business objectives:

Brand Visibility and Recognition: Your brand gains visibility among a diverse audience, including Black women and their Allies. This exposure helps increase brand recognition and establish your company as one that values diversity and inclusivity.

Community Engagement: Supporting an event focused on the empowerment of Black women and Allies will enable your company to actively engage with a diverse audience. It demonstrates your commitment to supporting underrepresented groups and fosters meaningful connections with potential customers, partners, and employees.

Market Reach: With over 450 attendees, this event will give your organisation the opportunity to tap into new markets and customer segments. It will allow your company to reach audiences that are often underserved or overlooked.

Enhanced Reputation: Sponsorship signals to your stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, and the wider community, that your organisation values social responsibility and is committed to creating a more inclusive society.

Talent Acquisition and Retention: Sponsoring this conference can help attract diverse talent to your organisation. We will also be hosting students from the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University who will be actively seeking graduate roles. Sponsoring this conference sends a message to potential employees that your company prioritises diversity and offers an inclusive work environment, making it more attractive to top talent from diverse backgrounds.

Partnership Opportunities: Sponsorship often involves collaboration with event organisers and other sponsors, providing opportunities for strategic partnerships and alliances. These partnerships can lead to mutually beneficial opportunities for business growth, knowledge sharing, and collective impact in promoting diversity and inclusion.