ELM Rangers

Sponsor Name: Lauren Hewings

Location: South West

Sector: Football

Budget: Under 10k

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ELM Rangers are looking for sponsors for their under 10’s football team.


ELM Rangers – We are a newly developed under 10’s football team playing under ELM United which has 13 youth teams and planning to expand with a mens, vets and womens team in the upcoming seasons. We play weekly and the crowd we receive is so good for this age and as they progress over the next year or two a sponsor would be shown off at, weekly training sessions, match days, tournaments through summer season and the clubs Facebook page.


Target Audience

Families of all ages, we have parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents attend matches and training

Key Dates and Timings

As soon as possible, we would like to get the kids some new training kit which will be worn to training at a very popular Plymouth sports centre and match days. As well as any group activities like tournament and team building events. The sponsorship would last until the end of summer 2024.

Specific Opportunity Details

The chance to be seen all around Plymouth, we travel around to different for games and tournaments. ELM as a whole is a very large organisation which has been around for 40years now. With our plans to grow and expand into adult teams in the near future we aren’t going to stop there. The ELM United Facebook page has nearly 250 followers and over the next year we expect to see this double.

Features and Benefits

We will advertise the sponsor by wearing the merchandise we require at minimum twice a week. As well as results being share on social media along with the sponsor image. Not only on the ELM page but parents, spectators and coaches who spread results for their social media friends and family.

Other Partners

We have a local premier shop who sponsors our home kit currently



Other Info

The £700 would be spent on
Training tops
Sweatshirts for a training session or match arrival
Jackets to arrive to games and wear when on the bench
The tops as mentioned will be worn for team building days, tournaments, as well as act as a away kit if the opposition wear the same colour kit.