Edinburgh Jets Bears

Sponsor Name: Ola Kalinowska

Location: Scotland

Sector: Volleyball

Budget: Under 10k

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Edinburgh Jets Bears are seeking sponsorship to support them throughout the next season and to help cover volleyball expenses.


We’re the Edinburgh Jets Bears! A group of pals who share a common interest in volleyball. We play anywhere and whenever we have the opportunity.
The incredible story of bear Wojtek — a Syrian brown bear bought as a newborn by Polish II Corps soldiers who had been evacuated from the Soviet Union – inspired the name of our team.

In 2013, we started a Facebook community for Poles who want to play volleyball. The desire to organise volleyball games in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, has been established through regular, weekly training sessions. We took a stride forward a few years ago when we began to compete in local tournaments, which we dominated. We built a team based on true friendship, where everyone looks out for each other both on and off the court.

We’ve been spotted pretty much everywhere in the previous three years — the Lothian & Borders District League, The Meadows outdoor competitions, Glasgow Open VC tournaments, District Cups in Dundee, Glasgow and Perth, Scottish Open Volleyball Tournament – and everyone knows Bears will be there to win.
In 2022/2023 season with the help of Edinburgh Jets VC we have reached even higher playing in the Scottish Volleyball League One. Our determination, skills and commitment proved we are able to play in a higher level. End of the season brought us promotion to the Scottish Volleyball Premier League from the 1st place in the table with only one loss throughout whole season. In addition we brought home the trophy from Scottish Plate competition. Our coach claimed the Coach of the season award and one of our players got a nomination for the Most Valuable Player of the 2022/2023. So far we are one of 8 best teams in the Scotland!

Next season will be definitely more difficult but we are really hungry for that!


Target Audience

Male and female, 16-70, sports fans, volleyball fans, into health and wellbeing. Focused on injury prevention and rehabilitation. Scotland, UK

Key Dates and Timings

Season starts in the middle of August. First matches are in the middle of September. All league finishes in the end of May

Specific Opportunity Details

As a sponsor, you will be associated with a team that has achieved
remarkable success. Here are some of our notable achievements:
1. Champions of the Scottish First League: We proudly secured the championship title in the
Scottish First League, displaying our unwavering commitment to excellence both on and
off the court. This accomplishment speaks volumes about our team's skills,
determination, and potential for future triumphs.
2. Scottish Plate Final and Broadcast: We had the honor of reaching the final of the Scottish
Plate, a prestigious tournament broadcasted by the Scottish Volleyball Association on
social media. Notably, the tournament drew the attention of esteemed figures, including
Hubert Tomaszewski, a representative of the Polish Volleyball Association (PZPS). Our
team emerged victorious, adding another accolade to our impressive resume.
3. Acclaimed Coach: Our esteemed coach Ola Kalinowska was awarded the coveted "Best
Coach of the Year 2022/2023" trophy, a testament to their exceptional leadership, tactical
acumen, and ability to nurture talent. This recognition further highlights the excellence
and professionalism of our organization.
4. MVP of the 2022/2023 Season: One of our exceptional players Patryk Kosmalski was
honored with the nomination for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the 2022/2023
season. This prestigious award underscores his remarkable skills, outstanding
contributions, and exceptional performance throughout the season. It also showcases the
caliber of athletes associated with our team.

Our team is very recognizable in the scottish volleyball world as well as throughout volleyball fans in UK.

Features and Benefits

Sponsorship Benefits: As a sponsor of Edinburgh Jets Bears, your brand will receive extensive
exposure and recognition. We offer the following benefits to maximize your sponsorship
1. Logo on T-Shirts: Your company logo will be prominently featured on the official event T-
shirts worn by players, Coach and staff. This provides a wide-reaching and lasting visual
representation of your brand.
2. Logo on the Website: Your logo and company name will be prominently displayed on our
event website, which receives significant traffic and serves as a central hub for
information and updates. This exposure will drive valuable traffic to your website.
3. Logo on Photos and social media: Your logo will be included on event photos shared on
our social media platforms, ensuring high visibility among our engaged followers. This will
generate brand awareness and encourage user-generated content.
4. Logo on Streams: The event will be streamed live on our website and social media
channels, reaching a wider online audience. Your logo will be prominently displayed
during the streams, enhancing your brand's visibility in the digital space.
5. Custom Stories/Posts on Facebook/Instagram: We will create tailored and engaging posts
on our official Facebook and Instagram accounts, specifically highlighting your
product/service. This dedicated exposure will capture the attention of our followers and
drive engagement.
6. Banner Display: We will hang a custom banner showcasing your logo and message during
matches. This strategic placement ensures maximum exposure to the live audience,
creating a lasting impression.

Other Partners

We believe that partnering with Edinburgh Jets Bears will be mutually beneficial. We invite you to join us as a valued sponsor to maximize your brand's reach and impact. Together, we can create a meaningful and memorable experience for our shared target audience.


Expenses: We are looking for financial help as we need to provide our players with some support. To give you a clear overview of our financial commitments throughout the season here are the team’s expences: 1. Match strips - £400 2. Sports hall let - £3000 3. Team registration at SVA Scottish Premier League- £600 4. Team tracksuits - £800

Other Info

We believe that partnering with Edinburgh Jets Bears will be mutually beneficial. We invite you to join us as a valued sponsor to maximize your brand's reach and impact. Together, we can create a meaningful and memorable experience for our shared target audience. We are open to tailoring the sponsorship package to meet your specific needs and objectives. Thank you for considering this partnership opportunity. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you to create a successful and memorable event.