East Junior Borough Football Academy

Sponsor Name: East Junior Borough Football Academy

Location: London

Sector: Football, Sports

Budget: Budget Varies

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East Junior Borough Football Academy are a grassroots club helping provide opportunities for the next generation of players to achieve their potential.


East Junior Borough Football Academy is a local football club in Newham where we provide a whole level of different experience as a grass roots club. Our staff have experience with working at high profile football clubs such as West ham and Crystal Palace, they are also UEFA qualified coaches and have educational background as teachers. Our goal is to have a high-level standard of coaching. We use all these different type skills, knowledge, and experience to develop our young players to a decent level of football, whether that maybe professional or Academy standard.

We train like a academy, act like a academy, play against academies. Scouts come down to sessions and training clubs invite us to play so we experience their academy facilities; these are the types of things you will experiencing along your journey at East Junior Borough Football Academy. We acknowledge not all players may not make it professionally, so we create a positive environment and opportunities for our players. These opportunities highlight careers within the football and sports sector. We do this by introducing workshops and applying life skills in our club which also involve parents. We inspire parents to use football as a way of encouraging and motivating their child to achieve their dreams, in addition to learning life skills that they can use in their future. Football also has many health and mental health benefits that will positively impact our young players.

We started this journey at the beginning of the pandemic, we must admit it has been a struggle. The first two months we built the club from promotion and word of mouth, we had over 15 boys but then the lockdown hit. We did not know if the players would stay due to the club being only two months old. But we kept momentum by communicating online to our players. Our players were excited about what the club was doing and what we have planned for them, we managed to keep them engage dispute the lockdowns that we experienced and have still been able to grow as a club and attract more players as well as coaches.

We are still building, however as we grow, we need funding to help keep us going during the pandemic. Unfortunately, we have not been able to raise money for the club and now we are back to the pace of the club it is growing with many new players joining. We would love to be able to provide a high quality of experiences for all players and we are looking for people to join us on our journey and we need the community to help us.

As we all know every little help and can go a long way. We hope that you can see the vision and the opportunities that we are providing the next generation. As well as the positive impact we are trying to bring to our community. Below is a list on what the club spends money on the opportunities we provide.


Training equipment:

* Mesh Football Bibs.

* Nike Team Training Bibs.

* Football Markers & Cones.

* Slalom Poles.

* Hurdles.

* Speed & Agility Equipment.

* Soccer Tennis Sets.

* Training Accessory Packs.

* VEVO camera

* Pinnies

* Advanced Equipment.

*Training Facilities.

Social media:

*Marketing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

*Website maintenance



*Home kit/away kit

*Training kit


Dads and Lads


Visit our websites and social media to get an insight of our work.

we hope the raise as much as we can over the course of the season, and we hope you guys can help support us on the amazing journey.


Target Audience


Key Dates and Timings

We are looking for sponsorship for 2021/2022 season and would love to have the sponsor by september 2021 and would look to have then on a year rolling contract

Specific Opportunity Details

We are base in East London Newham

over 1k+ social media following growing everyday

We also have a website and YouTube channel

We play in Nike London showcase league

Will gain good exposure for your company as we will be working in a high-profile environment in the Nike London showcase league which is run a watched by professional football clubs.

Also consider we are a high-profile academy football club we have boys who will go and play pro to have you company linked to that success will be great PR for any company involved in this football club

Features and Benefits


Nike London show case league

YouTube channel

Website/Social media