Durham University Rugby Referees

Sponsor Name: Nicholas Evans

Location: North East

Sector: Rugby Union

Budget: Under 10k

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The Durham University Rugby Referees are looking for sponsorship to support them as they get further involved in the refereeing sport.


We are a student led society of rugby referees that take to Durham University pitches weekly to enable the collegiate rugby system to take place. As a sponsor we would feature you on our kit, and can make social media posts also. The refs at times in the season are watched by up to 1000 spectators, and with your name on the kit, this could source potential patrons. The sponsorship money will allow us to grow as a society, invest in better reffing kit and get more involved in refereeing the sport.


Target Audience

Nearly all involved in the rugby system at Durham University are students aged 18-25. Most are heavily into sport, and particularly rugby. We take to the field for both male and female events, and will be expanding the female game in due course.

Key Dates and Timings

The sponsorship would hopefully last for the rugby season of 2023/24, starting in September of 2023 and ending at the end of June 2024. Although the society will continue in future years, it seems sensible to take it year by year.

Specific Opportunity Details

We have a social media page that is due to grow significantly coming into the next year after an already successful 1st year. At specific events such as the Floodlit Cup Final and Hill v Bailey Charity matches there are up to 1000 spectators, where a potential partner could also attend.

Features and Benefits

A sponsor will feature on the kit and potentially have the opportunity to promote themselves at events such as the cup final and charity matches.

Other Partners

We are currently without a sponsor, and therefore you would be our main sponsor heading into the next season.


Cash investment is the most useful to us as we can then distribute into different components within the society. We are open to offers but see £500 as a minimum.