Double Wicket Cricket Tournament

Sponsor Name: Sarbendu Mandal

Location: South East

Sector: Cricket

Budget: Under 10k

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MK Ananda Club are looking for sponsorship to support their upcoming Double Wicket Cricket Tournament.


MK Ananda Club are a registered charity that have been established since 1989 and they organise various events throughout the year. The Double Wicket Cricket Tournament has 98 participating players and is expecting an audience of over 300 individuals. This opportunity can offer a sponsor to reach out to a diverse demographic of Bucks, Beds, Northants and Oxon.


Target Audience

Age 10-60 years, gender no bar, from any community.

Key Dates and Timings

16th September, 10AM-6PM.
Sponsor will sponsor partial cost towards Trophies, Cash prize, Ground rate and other operational cost.
Organiser will fund part of the cost.
Expected Title sponsor will be £500 ono.

Features and Benefits

The poster, Marketing promotions in Facebook, Insta, WhatsApp will carry all the sponsers. The Trophy will carry the name of the sponsor.

Other Partners

So far no brands are booked. Open to onboard any brand from any sphere.


£500 ono

Other Info

We are registered charity, established in 1989. We organise various events all through the year. This sponsorship is only for this event of Double Wicket Tournament.
There will be many other opportunities to participate and join hands for other events.