Deportivo La Cowruña

Sponsor Name: Henry Young

Location: London

Sector: Football

Budget: Budget Varies

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Deportivo La Cowruña are a sunday league football team and they are looking for sponsorship to help the club grow within in their community.


Deportivo La Cowruña – Our guiding principles are centred around; Fun, Community and Competition in that order. We are looking to grow in our third year of existence and project the club in our local community and our league.

Any sponsor who helps invest resources into us will benefit from having their names associated with that increased growth. With more resources we can put on more charity events and fundraises for good, local causes – again with sponsor identity front and centre of that.

Mainly through using our club as a vehicle we are helping companies increase their social and community presence into grassroots sports as a generous benefactor of a CIC. As we grow from one team to two the presence that you will have online and offline will continue to grow through additional presence on our kits and club stash, an increased number of events.

With events in mind, one of the main things you can benefit from being associated with Deportivo La Cowruña, is through benefitting through the relationships we consistently build with sporting venues, giving you some leverage into being a visible brand in, not only our club events, but directly with our partner venue events (5 a side and 10 a side venues that run private hire for corporate venues). Through our existing relationships going back to 2017 with some of these venues we can help with getting discounts and arranging events that you might want to put on independently of us.

History & Overview:

We’re a Sunday League team based in Battersea, South West London entering our third season as a club.

In season 1 we won the league, in season two we gained promotion and we’re eyeing a third league title in our third season ( a cup competition would be nice!).

Deportivo La Cowruña was founded in 2017. The idea was born from a simple conversation among a group of mates putting their minds together to “save the world”. Admittedly our logic at the time was slighted cloudy but we came up with a farfetched scheme to protect humanity’s mental health and the environment, by pairing lonely people with lonely cows (there was a song too). While this initiative never reached reality, the essence manifested into something a better – a football club that sought to put the wellbeing of the community and the world at the heart of what we do – The Cows were born.

Our achievements so far:

Started a football club & CIC venture
● Had 3 x teams playing different formats of the game before we joined the Southern Sunday Football League two seasons ago
● Raised £2,000 sponsorship money to fund kits and equipment in our first season
● Hosted a charity football tournament & after event raising £2,000 for The Mix charity
● Have 50+ club members


Target Audience

Mixed gender, aged 18-30, highly social group - into coffees, cow based products (beef, milk etc.), great social atmosphere at the pub afterwards, loves non-alcholic drinks, sport and being social.

Key Dates and Timings

We are looking for a sponsor by July-August of this summer to help us fund training kit & spare kits for our summer recruitment growth. We are close to being able to start a second team for our club in our third season in existence as an 11 a side club. The sponsor can last all season long with a view to renewal if that's on the cards.

Specific Opportunity Details

We're looking for a partner to support our Community growth, give back to the 10 or so people who come to watch us every season and increase our capacity to support new players in our team. With increased capacity to grow it will help us put on more community led charity events & highlight our sponsors names front and centre of that.

Features and Benefits

Man of the Match award Sponsor - a weekly featured post that will be shared to an audience of c.3,500 eyes through our leagues twitter accounts and a stand alone post on our twitter and instagram pages
Training kit sponsorship - our main aim for the summer is to get a training kit with our new sponsors name on the front of it so we can grow our club identity

Other Partners

Three Cheers Pub Company