David and Ava Rose Dancers

Sponsor Name: Michael Boliver

Location: Wales

Sector: Corporate Events

Budget: Under 10k

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Dear Team

IMy name is Michael Boliver, and I am excited to share that my 9-year-old daughter, Ava Rose, and her partner, David (11 years old), have been invited to represent Great Britain in the upcoming International Dance Championships in Blackpool this April.

Ava Rose and David are passionate dancers who have worked hard to hone their skills to become the 3rd best under-12 couple in Europe for Latin and Ballroom dancing. This invitation is a testament to their commitment and talent, and it’s an honour to represent their country internationally.

However, the costs associated with travel, accommodation, and competition expenses are a financial challenge for our family. Therefore, we kindly request your support to pursue this opportunity. Your sponsorship will not only help Ava Rose and David chase their dreams but also align your brand with young, promising talent representing Great Britain on the global stage, they have over 1000 followers on instagram and facebook

Thank you for supporting the dreams of young, talented individuals like my daughter.

Best regards

Michael Boliver

Target Audience

Male and Female age 3 to 90, all types of companies would be involved including clothing, make up, hair styling, footware and shoes.

Key Dates and Timings

International Dance Festival Blackpool Starts on the 30th of April - A 10 day festival which David and Ava will be dancing for themselfves, representing Team GB and will also be in 2 formation teams competing for their dance school dance crazy.

Specific Opportunity Details

David and Ava dance all over the UK every weekend, their next competition is the Welsh Spectacular which is a week long competition with 100's of dancers there every day competing. the biggest competition for them before Nationals in November will be the International Dance Championships in Blackpool in April where they will be representing Team GB.

Features and Benefits

David and Ava are very well known on the dance stage, they would be happy to showcase the sponsorship logo on items of clothing for practice and activewear however their dresses and shirt and trousers need to stay as is due to competition rules, They also have a large following on Instagram and will make more of an effort in expanding their social media to support the sponsor expectations.

Other Partners

Make up, hair and dresses covered by sponsors (within the industry) but that is it for the day of their dance.


no amount is in mind, just someone to support their journey, some accomodation, fuel/transport costs, food and some new footwear and active/practice wear would be the most important.

Other Info

David and Ava have only been dancing together for 5 months but they have already gained a high level of respect within the dance community, not just within their own age category. Several top dance teachers and dancers within the industry have expressed their belief that with future support, David and Ava have the potential to become international number 1 dancers. However, this would require them to travel outside of the UK and compete against the best of the best. Thank you for your consideration.