Darin Dimitrov Go Kart Racer

Sponsor Name: Miroslav Dimitrov

Location: UK National

Sector: Motor Sport, Sports

Budget: Under 10k

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Darin Dimitrov is looking for sponsorship to help his go-kart racing competitions


Darin Dimitrov is 7 years old go-kart racer competing in Super one, BKC , UK ikr championships and many other club venues. He is the only one privateer in the last year who achieve many podiums in his class iame bambino. To continue in 2023 in the same level and same class, we need a good sponsorship to cover the two main championships he is going to be part of-Super one and BKC -rounds fees and tires which are a total of 4800 for the whole year. The talent Darin shows competing against big teams with huge supports and budgets is incredible and he is continue fighting for his pole even if he knows that we can’t afford professional coaching for him.



Target Audience

The audience has a huge range of ages of people enjoying watching those young racers competing in such a high professional level.

Key Dates and Timings

Championships start March 2023 and finish September but even from December 2022 until next December 2023 Darin will compete in many other karting venues.

Specific Opportunity Details

Every sponsorship big or small will be advertised on Darin’s suit, karting and social media. The venues are live streamed and watched and visited by thousands of people and we believe your logo and advert will be seen from lots of people.

Features and Benefits

Every sponsor will be advertised on Darin’s suit, karting and even our race van. All posts in social media will include your names and advert as per your request.

Other Partners

Balkan Holidays
Findlay property


Our target is 4800 per year-if we can get this ,Darin will be able to compete in both biggest championships in 2023

Other Info

The cost of track fees and tires is a big expenses for the whole year but on top of that we have lot’s to spend on travel,accomodation,karting maintenance and engine maintenance